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BB10 Spoiler: POV Competition is over!

August 24, 2008 04:56 AM by Britteny Elrick

Find out which Big Brother houseguest wins the power to save one of the nominees from eviction..

Memphis wins POV!

Also, Jerry wins the call from home for the America’s choice question.

Ollie tells Michelle he is going to have to talk to Dan because Memphis will use it on himself. Dan told him that he would try to talk Memphis out of using it, but everyone knows that won’t happen. Ollie tells Michelle that she needs to put pressure on Dan before he has too much time to consider his options. Ollie says things are about to get ugly and that if Dan doesn’t do what he wants he will bust his jaw. He keeps reassuring Michelle she won’t get put up and that he is in control of everything.

Memphis and Dan celebrate inside the HOH room and make up a secret handshake. They discuss if Michelle is the right person to get out of the house this week or not. They are worried about Ollie and Jerry’s retaliation, but Memphis thinks Jerry will just be thankful he is still in the house. Memphis wishes that Michelle could just have been a bit calmer this week and so that he, Dan, Keesha and Michelle could have been the final four. Memphis brings up nominating Ollie and going back on his word. Dan tells Memphis that he told Ollie he was going to try to talk him out of using the POV.

Keesha walks in and they all celebrate. Apparently, they discuss the fact that Keesha was also part of Dan’s deal with Ollie [Dan wouldn't put her up]. Renny says she hopes Dan nominates Michelle because she will freak out. They all agree that Michelle was shady in siding with April and trying to evict Keesha. Later on, Keesha and Renny talk about how Dan and Memphis will take eachother to the final two.

Dan pulls Renny aside and asks her if she knows what the third part of his deal with Ollie was. She says that he got to nominate Memphis, save Michelle, and pick the renomination. Then she says, “if he even thought you’d go through with that, he must be nutty.” They decide he needs to go the following week. They think that Jerry will align with them next week since he will have no one else. Renny goes on to say that she is sticking with the “trio” of her, Dan, and Keesha but she still thinks Memphis is too tough to stay in the game. Dan blows it off and warns her that Ollie will probably be talking to him alot this week so not to be alarmed. They are all going to act as if he and Michelle are still safe.

Ollie is worried that Jerry might let it slip that he knows about the deal [Ollie wasn't supposed to tell anyone]. He says he is nervous Dan will backdoor him. Finally, Ollie goes to talk to Dan. He asks what is going through his head. Dan says that he is still trying to talk Memphis out of using it. Ollie flat out tells him that he wants Dan to go against his word and put up Keesha as the ronomination. He says that since Dan didn’t mention that in their deal, Ollie should be able to change it. If not, he wants Renny nominated and safety for Jerry.

Renny, Keesha, Dan, and Memphis talk about continuing to let Jerry think he is going home, but at the last minute they are going to save him and make him promise to nominate Ollie as one of his nominees if he wins HOH.

Michelle tries to talk to Dan, but he doesn’t want to talk. She immediately goes to Ollie and says that he is treating her like he treated Jesse before evicting him. She knows she is being backdoored.

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