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Mark Ballas and Derek Hough Robbed!

August 24, 2008 05:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

On Sunday night, while performing with their band, “Almost Amy” in Roseville, Minn, Mark and Derek from Dancing With the Stars were robbed.

Before they performed for a cancer charity, they attended an Outback Steakhouse and around 4 in the afternoon their rented passenger van was robbed. A second van carrying all of their guitars and equipment was untouched.

Almost Amy’s manager Daniel Catullo told PEOPLE, “It was all of their personal belongings â⬔ iPods, laptop computers, cameras, passports, wallets.” He also stated that, “It was definitely a pro job. The locks were drilled out and the van was cleaned out of all of its contents.”

Although the band made a plea on their MySpace page with an offer of 50,000, nothing has yet to be returned. They do not care to prosecute anyone but would like their personal items back.

Catulla made a plea for the band; “Whoever did this, they can email the band’s website and drop the items somewhere and we’ll pick them up, no questions asked. We don’t care about the iPods or other items that can be replaced. It’s the personal items and the laptops they would really like back.”

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Photo credit: DerekHough.com

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