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BB10 Spoiler: POV Ceremony is over!

August 25, 2008 06:00 AM by Britteny Elrick

Things got pretty heated in the Big Brother house today, and not just because of the temperature, find out if the POV was used and if Dan will honor his deal with Ollie to choose the replacement nominee.

All the houseguests talk about Jerry’s call from home. Everyone is really happy he got chosen. It’s sentimental for awhile and Jerry gives them all the updates. He tells the girls to make sure they have children. After all the unlikely exchanges of niceness, they get back to business.

Keesha and Renny talk about “the plan” for the veto ceremony. They say that it’s coming down to the end and there are much bigger targets than them so they might have a pretty good chance of staying in. They know that if Dan breaks his word to Ollie he will be going after him and Memphis. They confirm their mutual alliance and decide they need to start studying the details of the house. They know that if it comes down to the finals and they are against one of they boys that they definately won’t win. Keesha says that it is b.s. that Dan says he is taking them to the final three because that would be stupid of him. They agree that Memphis needs to go asap.

Dan comes in and tells the girls that they can rest assured. He says he has been hearing things and he needs them to trust him. Renny is pissed and wondering who is talking about her. She wants to know and she says that she would never “sell him under the bus.”

Dan goes in to talk with Jerry. Jerry is still a big torn up over the phone call. He says America has a big heart and he is so grateful. He tells him that there is something very important he would like to talk with Dan about, but not until after the POV ceremony.

POV Ceremony:

Memphis saves himself and Dan nominates Michelle!

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