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High School Musical Get In The Picture: Making First Impressions

August 25, 2008 07:04 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on High School Musical: Get In The Picture, the six finalists interview for jobs that require a range of performances as they attempt to learn TV theme songs from a bygone age — the ’70s and ’80s.

In Homeroom there was a bit of tension as Shayna thought that Anthony would be extremely happy that she was now in the chorus.

Bailey and Shayna were still upset about going to the chorus and the rest of the “A” team commented on how hard it was to see them go.

Host, Nick Lachey came into the room and asked the group how they were getting along at this point and Anthony then apologized to Shayna for taking things to literally.

Nick told the kids that this week, all of their skills would be put to the test as it was about “first impressions.” He said that it doesn’t matter how good, or talented or funny you are, if you can’t make a good impression you will find it difficult to accomplish your goals both professionally and personally.

He sent the group off to the chorus and then took the remaining contenders to see Chris Prinzo.Chris told that kids that one of the most important places to make a first impression is at an auditon. The kids were going to have the opportunity to make first impressionsat three auditions.

Chris wanted them to take everything that they had learned up to this point and treat every job interview that they go on as an audition. He explained that they only had one chance to walk in a room and grab someone’s attention and let them get a glimpse of who they are as a person and what they have to offer.

They introduced three people to the kids with very interesting occupations; Andy from Funny Girl Productions, who did singing telegrams, Valerie who is also known as Daisy the Clown from Ringling and Brothers Circus. She was a children’s party entertainer and Randy who was a sign spinner and is hired by businesses all over the country, using his much sought after sign spinning skills.

Chris explained that he wanted the kids to have fun, but to take it as seriously as they would any other job interview.

The kids first job interview was as a kid’s party entertainer. Isaiah seemed nervous, but he had fun with it. The kids seemed out of control and Valerie had to bring them back into the fold a few times. Christina tried to entertaint the kids with a dance, but they were not interested.

The second job interview was as singing telegrams. Each kid was dressed as a different character. They all had a lot of fun with singing Happy Birthday in their costumes.

The group went on their third audition as sign spinners. They tried very hard to grasp Randy’s directions, but they just couldn’t get it. They had fun with it though and enjoyed the honks they received from passing cars.

At the end of the auditions Chris Prinzo asked the threeperformers who they would hire for the positions. Stan won the singing telegram and the sign spinner jobs and Isaiah won the job as a child entertainer.

At chorus rehearsal with Rob Adler, the group learned voice control. The group felt very uncomfortable with the breathing techniques that went on for over 45 minutes! Picture a bunch of kids hyperventilating!!!! Rob felt that the kids let go and Bailey was able to get into the spirit of the group and enjoy being in the chorus.

When the kids returned to the common room, the lovebirds Shayna and Stan brought some attention to themselves again and Christi came out and asked them if they liked each other. When Shayna told her that she had a boyfriend and Stan was like her brother, you could see the hurt on his face. She received a phone call from her boyfriend at the perfect time, when she was feeling so low…and maybe vulnerable to Stan?

The next day, Nick told the kids that someoene had come by to wish them all luck. Zac Efron came in and greeted the kids and also took questions from them. Bailey almost fainted and swooned the whole time he was in the room. He told them to run with their nervous energy and it would help them be better performers.

After Zac left, Nick told the group that they would be singing as a group, both the chorus and the competitors. They would be performing TV theme songs from the 1970′s and 80′s.

The remaining six where to take what they learned this week and make a new first impression on the judges as it could be their last impression.

The theme songs that they would be perfoming were; “One Day At A Time,” “Mary Tyler Moore,” “Greatest American Hero,” and “Cheers.” The kids thought that he was speaking another language as most of them had no idea what the songs were.

The chorus met with Jen Malenke, while the rest of the kids were to be coached by Tiana Brown and Montre Burton.

James had a big part in the performance and TJ felt that this put more pressure on him to stand out this week. James felt that he had more responsibility to do his best.

As the group struggled with the song, Montre Burton and Tiana Brown came in to give the kids pointers. The concept would be a TV museum and the kids would be TV inspired wax figures. They wanted the kids to bring themselves to the roles.

Tiana explained that James was a security guard at the museum and would bring the characters to life. They talked to the kids about their strengths and weaknesses.

Isaiah was told that even though he had the necessary tools to be a big star, that he had to learn to control it all.

Christina was told that sometimes, vocally she was lost and the group couldn’t hear what was coming out of her mouth.

James was told that he was original and unique on stage, but had to stop doing his jerky things with his hands.

TJ was asked if he could carry a lead and show it on stage and Tierney was told to come out of her shell.

Stan was told that he had natural talent and that they would help him work on his dancing ability.

After Montre and Tiana left, Tierney was upset by the comments made, but the rest of the group were happy for the help offered.

At the chorus practice with Jen Malenke, the group had difficulty trying to work together. Shayna was getting irritated by the fact that Christi’s voice was heard above everyone else.

At the performance, thefaculty thought that any performance should be one step above the one before as the kids were getting to the end of the competition and they needed to see that from them.

Rob Adler commented that Isaiah stepped it up by stepping it down this week and gave a real generous performance.

Tiana Brown thought that Tierney looked gorgeous on stage, but shedidn’t know what they would be able to do to get her to break her shell.

Nick met with the kids and this week Christina was the one chosen by the faculty for having the best performance.

Moving on this weekare Stan, Isaiah, Tiernyi, James, Christina and surprising everyone…only one went on this week to the chorus and it was TJ.

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