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America’s Got Talent Is Back With The Talent And A Surprise

August 27, 2008 06:04 AM by DA Southern

Jerry Springer and dancers

With the pesky Olympics out of the way, the reality fans in us all are glad to have America’s Got Talent back on with the search for the next great talent with America taking over the act of buzzing by voting the contestants off that don’t fit the mold of who America thinks should win it all. With judges, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff ready to hopefully not buzz too much, the race was on as we enter the home stretch of the summer blockbuster.

The live action started off with Jerry Springer handling the hosting duties saying that ten acts perform each night with 5 acts going home from each of the two nights. Jerry asked about the buzzers and Piers saying that hopefully they won’t be using them too much.

DC Cowboys

The first act to perform was the fancy Cloggers, Extreme Dance FX. The profile of the group they talked about how they have been training 12 hours-a-day to perfect their craft and they blew the audience away, as did they Piers Morgan who said they had improved immensely. Sharon loved them and The Hoff said they were inspirational for the youth of America saying that had shown everyone tonight how great they were.

The James Gang was the next to take the stage with their unique blend of old-style styling with a contemporary sound that blends hip-hop with 1920′s songs. The James Gang started off a bit low but seemed to find their groove as the song went on. Piers said that he thought they were terrific saying that he thought they were trying to hard and Sharon added that they were so unique but tried to cram too much into the song. The Hoff said that the Gang was exactly what the show was about but they need to develop their style first before giving too much away.

Our Britney Spears impersonator, Derrick Barry, was next to see if he/she could make the grade to the next round. Derrick failed to impress Piers as the fist buzzer of the night rang out on the LA soundstage. Even with the buzzing, Britney/Derrick gave a pretty decent performance overall, but it may not be enough to get to the next round. Piers said that he was sure that the audience was not going to like him but said that he said that Derrick should leave Britney behind. Sharon said she was great and David said that there was definitely an audience for him in Vegas.

Britney Spears Impersonator

Our ten-year-old karate girl, Elite, who The Hoff wanted as a bodyguard, gave us a karate demonstration that had pirates and all sorts of mayhem and for a ten-year-old girl managed not to get buzzed by Piers. I guess he was afraid to buzz her and actually loved her act. Sharon said that she would be the new Laura Croft and that she definitely had a future. The Hoff concluded by saying that she could open at Treasure Island in Vegas tomorrow and the judges were unanimous in their love for Elite.

Jerry said that no matter what your talent was, you had a shot at the “Big Time.” With the review of his past performances, Ronny B. came out in a gold jacket sounding very nervous. As he got into the song, The Hoff could not have any more of it and kindly gave Ronny B. the buzzer. Piers said that he didn’t think Ronny B. would ever win the show, but loved his enthusiasm. Sharon, too, loved his unique ability and The Hoff said that Ronny B. was like a singing ant,whatever that meant. Overall Ronny B. will probably “B.” leaving.

The next group, the drummers calling themselves, The Cadence, was shown being turned down by Sharon, of all people, vowed to bring an increased presence to the stage with some increased style to their drum staging. With a Michael Jackson song, Beat It, going on, the group seemed to really hit their stride in the middle of the song. Piers said that were pretty good and Sharon said that she wanted more Animal from the Muppets on the stage and David said that he thought they needed to bring it up another notch if they wanted to win it all.


The ever-so-sweet, Jessica Price, who performed for her estranged Dad, wanted to overcome her shyness to leave it all on the AGT stage. On a stage full of candles, Jessica did her own style to the Cindy Lauper song, Time After Time, with a folksy sound that had the audience cheering her on, even having The Hoff giving her a standing “O.” Piers loved her as did Sharon saying that she knows her Dad is proud of her. The Hoff added that she had a great a chance to win it all as did Jerry when he came out to great her after her performance.

A magician, Shimshi, was next to see if he could displace Criss Angel form the Las Vegas strip as the next great magic act. Always a challenge, Shimshi started,and finished,with a card trick that actually had him doing a jumping leap to find a card that had been torn for a volunteer from the audience. Piers wondered why he did a card trick only which had Sharon disagreeing with him. The Hoff kind of played both sides of the fence saying that it was a great trick but he definitely had to bring more if he wanted to make it all the way.

The DC cowboys, the singing and dancing cowboys from out west,actually Washington, DC,came out to “Footloose” to thrill and amaze us all. Piers was not amused and buzzed them fairly quickly as the rambunctious group . Piers explained that he buzzed them because their dancing was terrible but said they were “Great fun.” Sharon again disagreed with Piers saying that what they lacked in dancing, they had in personality and The Hoff said that he loved them from the beginning but that they were just a little off tonight, but hoped America would vote them through.

The final act of the night before we learned who America would give another chance to perform was Neal E. Boyd, the impressive Opera singer who struggled in the Vegas performances but squeaked through to the live stage. Neal E. Boyd dedicated his performance to his recently departed grandmother and sang with a smooth confidence that would easily be enough to give him his pass through to the next round. All of the judges were on their feet at the end of the song and Piers said that his performance was incredible and he was the one to beat. Sharon said Neil had such great likability and America would definitely be in love with him. The Hoff added that he was the one to beat in the completion and even Jerry said that Neil would probably be making a living with his phenomenal voice for the rest of his life instead of selling insurance.


The final revelation of the evening had the America vote for the act that would replace the gymnast from the Russian Bar Trio, who was injured in the competition and had to withdraw. Jerry Springer showed the acts that the judges could not choose from and America voted on the web at NBC.com. After the short video preview, America picked my favorite and obviously America’s, Donald Braswell, the guy who came back after a tragic accident that sought to end his singing career.


With five acts going home tomorrow and another ten performing tomorrow, it will be a busy time for AGT this week as we draw closer and closer to the next great American talent. Tomorrow night be ready for Joseph Hall, Nuttin But Stringz, Shequida, Jonathan Arons, Zooperstars, Slippery Kittens, Eli Mattson, Queen Emily, Daniel Jens, and the young Kaitlyn Maher.

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