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America’s Got Talent Releases Five Acts And Ten More Perform

August 27, 2008 07:21 PM by DA Southern

America’s Got Talent has the second night of massive elimination as we will watch ten perform and 5 acts hopes be dashed on the rocks of America’s whim. While it will be interesting to see who America picks to continue, you know the pressure on the ten performing acts has got to be immense as they see five acts who thought they had brought it all leave the competition. America’s Got Talent promises another interesting night.

After the judges, Piers, Sharon and David made their way to their seats, Jerry Springer talked about the caliber of talent from last night and the scope of the grand prize that the winner would be taking home. Jerry then got to the results from last night to see who would be making it through to the Top 20 and dashing the hopes of half of the talent from last night’s show. Jerry pulled out Extreme Dance FX as safe, as was Jessica Price. Cadence was then seen beating out the DC Cowboys for a spot in the Top 20 as did Neal E. Boyd as he bested the Britney Impersonator, Derrick Barry. Finally between Elite the Karate girl and the James Gang, the judges were left to pick the final spot. Piers picked the James Gang as did Sharon sending Elite home kicking and screaming,well, at least, kicking.

Our first act to perform tonight was the Beyond Belief Dance Company who claimed they had worked themselves hard to make it to the Top 20 and Piers said they had to truly “Bring it” if they were going to stand out in the competition. The girls had certainly shown the extent of their practice as they left it all on the stage. Piers thought it started poorly but thought it was electrifying as the dance went on. Sharon added the performance as “Sassy” and said the girls needed to take it to a higher level. “The Hoff” was exuberant with his praise for the girls saying that “They nailed it” and expected them to be back in the Top 20.

frank sinatra crooner paul-salos

The Sinatra clone, Paul Salos, was extremely proud to be singing one of Sinatra’s biggest songs, “My Way.” The nerves affected the 72 year-old crooner, but he seemed to hit his stride by song’s end and had the judges standing by the end of the song. Piers seemed to think that Paul had it all and Sharon agreed with Piers, for once, and David said that Paul was Vegas personified.

Te four brother singing sensation, Kazual, talked about how they had struggled to reach their dream of singing on a big stage. As the brothers started, the first of the four got off to a rocky start, which gave Piers an itchy buzzing finger fairly quickly. Piers told them that individually they should not sing but were good as a group. Sharon echoed the sentiment from Piers and David Hasselhoff hoped America would give them a second chance saying that they were loved by the audience.

Zooperstars the dancing cartoon characters, who Piers was not fond of at all, had to bring down the house to get by Piers. The cartoon characters came out on scooters and were immediately buzzed with a big X by Piers. OK, one of the characters ell off of the stage and another character ate a stage hand. I think I am with Piers on this one. Piers said that he wished he had a large harpoon to shoot each and every one of them. Sharon said it was great entertainment at a half-time event, but not so much for Vegas. David liked the group and said that ultimately America will have the last say.

The Wright Kids, a trio of singers who were the youngest group in the competition, had The Hoff worried about if they were good enough to withstand the pressure. The older boy was a little rocky as he started into “Daydream Believer” but the group seemed to get it together as they all joined in together. At least Piers didn’t buzz them. Piers said he loved them and that they had great charm. Sharon said the pop song paid off for them and David said that they had “Great values” that America needs to get back to.


The only trombone player of the show, Jonathan Arons, showcased his act saying that the dancing just takes over when he plays his trombone. He had quite a stage show as he mostly danced and played very little trombone,that we could hear. Piers said that Jonathan was incredibly entertaining and Sharon said that he was fabulous and she loved him. David said the trombone playing was bad but he was entertaining overall and thought America would love him.

The Army Specialist, Daniel Jens, promised not to forget his lyrics this time around as he belted out the “Every step you take” song for America and seemed to be in full command of his performance as the smoke swirled around him and he played to the audience like a seasoned pro. Piers asked how he was feeling but said he hasn’t heard a singing voice yet that could play Vegas. Sharon said that he sings with passion and was worried about his breath control. David Hasselhoff said that he was a real man and that he inspired him.

The Hot Dancing Moms, The Slippery Kittens, were set to take their racy burlesque routine and tease the audience and “The Hoff” with the flashy costumes and sexy act. Piers was not amused and once again found his buzzing finger right on the trigger. Piers then proceeded to tell them that he wished they had put their clothes back on, and everyone was certainly not in agreement with him, including Sharon and David. Sharon said she could see them in Vegas and David said of one of the dancers, “June is busting out all over.”

George the Giant graced us next with his very unique brand of weirdness saying that he wants to turn his passion into a successful career. George said that even though the trick has caused him injury, he wanted to do it for America. George came out all chained up and hung from a hanging bar as a bunch of kids then came to treat him as a human piÃata. He immediately got two buzzing from Piers and Sharon because he really did no trick. Even The Hoff was critical and it looks like we have seen the last of The Giant for the year.


For the last act of the evening, Queen Emily, who blew away all of the competition in her category talked about how she had taken time off for her daughters and now it was her time. Queen Emily, as did Neal E. Boyd last night, closed out the show with her powerhouse voice and dynamic stage presence singing an old Diana Ross song, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” All of the judges stood and cheered for The Queen and Piers said that “We have found a superstar.” Sharon said that she could see Queen Emily in lights in Las Vegas and David said that she has thrown the completion into disarray as she was now the frontrunner.

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