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BB10 Spoiler: “Has anyone seen my sanity? I think I lost it.”

August 27, 2008 03:07 PM by Britteny Elrick

Dan’s POV surprise didn’t sit so well withthe other half of theBig Brotherhouse. A couple houseguests in particular flat out lost their minds. Find out whathapppened,and who might be saying goodbye to the house this Thursday…

As could be expected, after the POV ceremony, Ollie and Michelle lost every bit of sanity they once had. They go completely nuts. Ollie throws things to and fro, calls Memphis every name in the book, and Michelle just shouts a bunch of phrases that make no sense. All the houseguests are wondering what Dan will do in the event of a tie. Dan told Michelle that he was undecided. He says that if Michelle tries to offer him something he will tell Jerry and try to get something better out of him.

Michelle tries to convince Keesha that she isn’t after her and she would be better of keeping her in the house. She also goes to Renny with the same speech. She tells Renny that if Jerry won he would nominate them both.

Ollie tries to work on Renny a bit. He tells Michelle that he thinks he has pretty much convinced Renny to vote Jerry out, and also asked her if she could persuade Keesha too. Michelle tells him about her talks with the girls and they are feeling better. Ollie hopes that it is a double eviction week, but Michelle and Jerry don’t.

Dan, Keesha, and Memphis are a little concerned about Ollie trying to align with Renny. They agree that they would vote for Jerry to win over Ollie in the finals. They are all going to make Michelle think she is staying in the house this week.

Jerry is very upset and most of his comments aren’t worth repeating. He calls Dan a weasel and Memphis a fat boy female impersonator. [?] Michelle is still on her kick about how Dan and Brian were plants by BB [she also thinks Dan is a farmer and a spanish person?]. They think it is a big conspiracy against them.

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