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BB10: What Happened With The POV?

August 27, 2008 05:58 AM by Ryan Haidet

In the POV competition, the only person not chosen to compete was Ollie, who got to host. The six Veto hopefuls went to the backyard, which had been decorated to look like the moon. Each were dressed like astronauts. The task was simple. They had to face off in separate heats as they “flew” on a cord back and forth over the backyard while moving puzzle pieces one at a time. The first person to complete their Veto puzzle would move on to the next round.

In the first heat, Keesha beat Dan and Michelle. In the second heat, Memphis conquered Renny and Jerry.

In the finals, Memphis rocketed to victory and won the POV against Keesha. Breaking the deal Up in HOH, Dan was jumping on his bed with excitement after Memphis won the POV. Memphis told him that Michelle was a loose cannon and that it was time for her to go. Renny and Keesha joined in on the discussion and
they all seemed to agree. He told them all about the Veto deal he made with Ollie and told them that he had to back out of it.

Then Dan came up with another plan. He was going to ask the four potential nominees at the Veto ceremony who it is they wanted put up on the chopping block. Before the meeting, he asked Michelle who she wanted and she said Keesha. Then Dan asked Ollie if he’d be comfortable saying he wanted Renny — even though he actually wanted Keesha. Ollie agreed. Keesha said she’d say Michelle. Although Renny didn’t like the idea, she said if Ollie said her name that she’d fire it right back at him. “If this all works, there’s gonna be some fireworks in the air and I’m gonna be watching them from my HOH bedroom,” Dan said in a confessional.

At the Veto ceremony, Memphis (duh) pulled himself off the chopping block.Dan stood up and said that they were going to play a game called “Replacement Nominee Roulette.” One at a time each person who could be nominated had to mention who it is they wanted on the chopping block. If they chose not to say a name, they would be the one he nominated.

Everything went as planned. Michelle said Keesha. Keesha said Michelle. Ollie said Renny. Renny said Ollie. Then Dan said Ollie lost the bet and Michelle was nominated. After the ceremony, Michelle was furious. Ollie was upset, too.

Find out who is evicted on Thursday night. But not just one will be leaving the house. It’s a special double eviction night.

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