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Million Dollar Listing Buyer Beware!

August 27, 2008 06:35 AM by Lisa Stauber

Million Dollar Listing is back tonight, and the boys are still clawing their way to the top. Josh has a black-tie charity event with his Grandma and his parents. Chad’s driving to a charity event of his own, trying to get an NBA star’s listing. Madison has a friend who is a flipper, and she wants to buy a house in Beverly Hills. Charity and doing business with friends will make for an entertaining real estate adventure!

Edith gives Josh another lead on someone who has died. “I’ll give you everything,” she tells him, “You go there and sell that house!”

“This is LA, and no one walks in LA,” Chad says, but participates in the Revlon Breast Cancer walk. Meanwhile, friend Kim gets Madison on the phone and convinces him to rush right over to her new find. “I want it. Have to have it!” Kim says. Madison promises ot help her finalize the deal. She hasn’t actually seen the inside of the house, but she’s willing to spend almost $2 million.

Chad’s NBA player has come through, and he shows his 6,000 sq. ft., 5 bedroom house to Chad. Turns out that Cuttin Mobley”s got training camp in Las Vegas, and wants Chad to find him a rental in Nevada. “Normally I wouldn’t be doing this,” Chad says, “but for you…” I guess fame does have its privileges – plus Chad wants the listing. Since he doesn’t have a real estate license in Nevada, Chad won’t make any money but is willing to do a favor.

Josh got the listing on his grandmother’s friends, on Walden Drive. It’s a custom house, 6,900 sq. ft. with stained glass windows and a heated pool. Client Roya spends two minutes scanning the house, then talks price and decides to make an offer. The house is $6.75 million dollars, and the clients decide to offer $6.3 to start.

Chad asked Victoria to move in with him, but she’s not sure. He’s very organized and meticulous and she’s not sure she can live with it. “I like to be totally organized,” Chad says, as he wraps every single toiletry in a plastic bag. He’s taking Victoria with him to Vegas and is looking forward to the trip.

Josh is presenting the offer on the $6.75 million Walden Estate, and gets a counteroffer right away. Madison got his counteroffer for Kim’s house in, as well. The owners came down $20,000 – not much for a $2 million house, and they only have 24 hours to respond. Madison’s going to have to wiggle a showing in that same day. Josh convinces his clients to counter with a higher number. The counters accepted, and if the inspections go all right, Josh will make a double commission.

Kim’s house is 2,432 sq. ft., with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. She likes it enough to accept the counteroffer, and Madison stands to make a $59,000 commission. She’s having an inspection done, and Madison has a friend that lives nearby so they hang out. Madison opens up, and reveals that even though he’s dating men, his true love is his girlfriend Lauren. The inspector completes his report and finds a few roofing problems and expsoed wiring. Time for another counter offer!

Chad’s having fun in Las Vegas, and wants to play the slots. He’s not lucky, and Victoria’s ready to go. “The time hasn’t come yet,” she says, but Chad pushes her. “We made that deal!” he says. She gets offended and the night is not going well for him! To top it off, the Cuttino’s manager sends him an email saying that the manager will be taking over everything. “It’s just rude!” He decides to call his client directly, but can’t get ahold of him.

“Real estate can be a 24/7 job, and I like to have fun.” Madison’s going surfing with old flame Lauren, who has a new boyfriend now. It’s his chance to tell her he loves her, and Madison tells her he wants to get back together. “It’s the perfect time for us to be good friends,” she tells him.

Cuttino’s manager shows up to see the listings Chad found. He finds a 7,000 sq. ft. pad, but manager Lauren gets mad about the furniture. She hates the curtains, thinks the nightstands are cheap, and she’s just rude all the way around. “This is not acceptable,” she snaps. “It was embarrassing for me,” Chad says. “My little favor was turning into a huge nightmare.” Their next stop is the Parisian Palace, which Cuttino himself asked Chad to get for him. It’s $50,000 a month – way more than the client planned on spending. 14,000 sq. ft. with marble toilets, and imported chandeliers, it may be worth it, but the manager is still rude. “You’re gonna die laughing!” the manager tells Cuttino.

Josh stands to make over $300,000 on his double commission for the Walden estate, and he’s hoping the inspections go well. The buyers are present, and have to sit and wait in the living room. The house is over 40 years old, and has some problems with the sewer line. “The plumbing alone could run $250,000,” Josh says, and sees the deal starting to unravel.

Madison has a meeting with his client and friend Kim to discuss her inspection. He tells her about the roof and other issues, and Kim decides to try to get a reduction. She wants $20,000 off the price, and Madison thinks it’s too much. “I might have my work cut out for me.”

Cuttino finally gets in touch with Chad, and meets him at the nail salon. Cuttino lets Chad know that a teammember got hurt, and he couldn’t go. Now he doesn’t need a place in Vegas at all, but he’s ready to list his Beverly Hills estate. “This is such a relief!” Chad says.

Josh has a tricky negotiation, and has his buyers and sellers in the same office to hash out the details. He’s smart enough to keep them separated, and goes back and forth between them until they finally hash out a deal. The final price is $5.8 million, no contingencies. Josh made $290,000 for his time and effort, not bad! Madison sold his house, too, but Chad still has yet to close a deal.

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