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Project Runway Designers Work With Car Parts

August 27, 2008 09:28 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway, fresh off the most interesting challenge to date when the designers rose to the occasion of Drag Queen Design last week, and the loss of Daniel during the challenge, promised another quirky episode as we will see some unusual elements of design being used for the next challenge.

The designers all looked tired after the last challenge and you can tell that they seemed shell shocked and hoped for an “Easy” go of it this time around. Heidi greeted them in her usual effervescent manner and proceeded to bring out three models and explained that two of them will go if Joe chooses one way or another and two little models were sent off in their slips to where ever discarded models go.


After the elimination, Heidi gave them the cryptic “Meet Tim on the Roof for your next challenge” leaving the designers assuming that this challenge would be as quirky as the last one. When they met with Tim, their worst fears were realized when they learned that they had to use “Unusual” elements in their design. With a bunch of cars lined up, Tim introduced Chris Webb from Saturn and he explained that the designers will be using car parts in their next designs. When the realization sunk in to some of the designers and we saw the look on several of the designer’s faces,well,priceless. This should be right up Stella’s alley, anyway.

The designers collected their car parts and Tim explained that they each had thirteen hours left in the day to finish and that the winner will have immunity for the next challenge. With flying car parts everywhere, the designers were frantically trying to get usable parts to weave into a design. Joe was extremely happy to have immunity as the winner of the last challenge and was the most relaxed of the bunch. Stella was the most confident because she said she was used to knocking stuff around to create her designs.


With nine hours left to go in the day, Stella decided not to do “Leth-thaa” this time around. As the designs started to take shape, it was clear that the group was actually creating some interesting designs. The biggest problems were the sewing machines getting dinged up by the rough materials.

With 5 hours left the designers were totally scattered and most lamented that they were no where close to being done. When Kenley was told by Tim that her model had to drop out, she started to gripe about having to refit her new skinny girl because she knew the other skinny girl’s shape so well.

Tim was in and immediately was to Blayne to see what he was doing. Tim was concerned about the shape of the garment. Jerell was into a futuristic look and Korto was doing a weave coat of some kind. Stella was actually doing a dress and Tim was concerned that it was not pretty enough. Leanne finally stepped it up and impressed Tim and Keith was chastised by Tim for thinking too much. Tim then said that he was extremely excited by the work they were doing and told them not to lose focus.

winner of the challenge leanne-hard-at-work

Keith was all attitude as he started barking out commands and Blayne noticed his “Tude,” as he called it, and started to diss him to the other designers. The day of the runway show brought Tim in quickly telling them they had an hour and that he saw that a lot of work needed to be done. Stella was still hammering out her design, literally,hammering it out. The last minute details were hilarious as the designers literally poured their designs onto their models.

The Runway show was once again a unique look at what a creative mind in style can achieve, even though the judges were fairly brutal to some of the designers. Heidi strutted out and reiterated the challenge and introduced guest judge, Rachel Zoe, Michael Kors and filling in for Nina Garcia, Laura Bennett from a previous season. Jerell’s design of seat covers and metal dashboard trim was first down the Runway, followed by Keith’s Seat cover and cushion design, Terri’s seat cover and carpet design, Kenley’s air filter and window shade design, Leanne’s seat covers and seat belts design, Suede’s floor mats, sun visors and cargo netting, Korto’s seat belt weave design, Blayne’s seat belts and mirrors design, Joe’s seat covers, cushions and car logo design and Stella’s seat belt, seat backs and carpet stays design.

challenge loser keith-talking-with-tim-about-his-refined-palet

After the judging, Terri, Suede, Joe, and Kenley were called forward and announced that they were safe leaving the rest to sweat it out for the top prize and, of course, the losing design. Jerell was loved by the judges; Blayne was not loved so much because of the fit of the dress; Korto’s weave design was loved and even called “Elegant” by Michael Kors; Leanne finally got a great review from the judges; Stella was not regaled so highly and Keith, too, was savaged by the judges by his design and argued with the judges because of the criticism, which is never a popular thing to do.

Judges liked Jerell; liked Korto; liked Leanne; did not like Stella; Blayne, too, was not liked and finally Keith really dropped the ball and the judges savaged him for blaming. Heidi immediately announced Jerell safe. Heidi then announced that Leanne was the winner and that she had immunity. Korto was safe as was Blayne leaving Stella and Keith to sweat it out. Heidi then announced Stella as “Een” and Keith as “Auwt.” Why do designers never learn that complaining will usually send them into the sewing room to clean up their stuff early?

Next week a visit from fashion icon, Diane von Furstenberg, will challenge the designers on a whole new level next week.

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