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BB10: Michelle & Ollie Evicted

August 28, 2008 06:53 PM by Ryan Haidet

Ollie and Michelle both evicted

Day 52 in the Big Brother house was put on hyperdrive. By the end of the episode, two people were evicted.

But before all the live competitions, the house was filled with stress after Dan broke his deal with Ollie and nominated Michelle for eviction. “I’m so angry because Dan didn’t follow through with his word and he backdoored Michelle,” Ollie said. Dan’s plan to create chaos in the house was definitely working — and fast. “You wanna make an omlet, you gotta break some eggs,” Dan said.

Ollie, Jerry and Michelle met after the Veto ceremony and expressed their disappointment with Dan. They all figured that he was some sort of plant in the game — like America’s Player. So Ollie decided it was time to call Dan out on his gameplay. He stormed outside and hit Dan with it immediately. He told Dan to explain to the entire house exactly what’s been going on. Dan pretty much ignored the entire fight. When it started to get heated between the others, Dan got up and left. He said in a confessional that you don’t light a bomb and stand there to watch it explode.

Ollie upset

Ollie started to get more upset and called Memphis a “Red-headed cabbage patch kid.” He went back inside the house and straight up to the HOH bedroom to talk to Dan. He asked why he was played like a fool and betrayed. Dan said that they’re all playing a game and he needed to make that move. Ollie told him if he wanted to play games that he should’ve stayed home and played Monopoly.

He left and shortly after Dan, Renny and Memphis were in the HOH bedroom and watched Ollie on the TV throw one of the lollipops across the room. Then he went outside and threw some furniture and weights on the ground.

Ollie upset over Michelle\'s nomination

First live eviction

Host Julie Chen told the houseguests that they were about to hit Big Brother Fast Forward and have a full week’s worth of competitions. But first they had to evict either Jerry or Michelle. After the vocal ballots were cast in the Diary Room, Michelle was evicted by 3-1 (Ollie was the only vote against Jerry). She gave her round of hugs and was brought to tears as she left the house.

Once outside, Michelle said she thought she was the target all along and that Dan wants to make people look like fools. Her conspiracy theory is that Dan was a plant in the game, but Chen told her that wasn’t the case. She also said she was certain that Dan would be the next person voted out in the second live eviction.

Big Brother Fast Forward

Outside, the houseguests competed in a live HOH in which they answered questions regarding imaginary headlines from the future. They had to decide how America voted who the headline would pertain to. After seven questions, Jerry and Keesha were tied and forced another question. In the tiebreaker, the two had to answer with a number and the closest without going over would win. Keesha looked extremely nervous. Chen asked the two how many lollipops were on the table after the food competition. They both tied again by answering 100. In the second tiebreaker, they were asked what the total time was in seconds from the winners in all three heats of the last POV. Keesha got that one the closest and took the power of HOH.

In her live nominations moments later, it was no surprise that Keesha nominated Jerry and Ollie for eviction.

After a quick commercial, the houseguests gathered outside for the POV competition. In a stack of loose hay were two Veto symbols. The first houseguest to get both the symbols out of the stack and returned to their podium would win the POV. It didn’t take long before Dan found both and won the golden medallion.

Back inside the house, they all gathered as Dan held his on-the-spot Veto ceremony. Jerry got to plead his case and said that he would really like to stay and he thinks that he has played the game hard so far. Then Ollie stood and told Dan to play another game of roulette because maybe he’d get lucky this time. No shocker that Dan didn’t use the POV and kept the nominations the same.

Second live eviction

One at a time, Dan, Renny and Memphis cast their votes in the Diary Room — all of which were to evict Ollie. Back in the living room as soon as Chen said, “By a vote of 3-0,” Ollie stood up knowing it was him who had been eliminated. He got up off the couch, didn’t say any specific goodbye, and made the fastest exit in BB history.

In his exit interview, he said that he was mad, but realized the game is about expecting the unexpected. He also said that he didn’t understand Dan’s decision at all. One thing he does understand, however, are his feelings for April. He wants to keep her around, he said.

Now the house only has five houseguets left — Dan, Renny, Keesha, Memphis and Jerry.

First image courtesy of CBS.

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