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BB10 Spoiler: Are Michelle’s lies big enough to save her?

August 28, 2008 05:18 PM by Britteny Elrick

Michelle is fighting tooth and nail to stay in the Big Brotherhouse… but the houseguests don’t realize that sheisn’t the only one who needs to worry aboutpacking her bagstonight…

Jerry, Ollie, and Michelle are outside bashing the HG for quite some time. Of course, Jerry starts bashing Dan’s body again [seriously Jerry?] and Keesha’s missing tooth. Michelle just swears alot, and Ollie keeps fueling the fire. They all think Dan’s girlfriend works for CBS and that Dan is a plant. They think that everyone else is so stupid because they can’t see it. Jerry says that they will win HOH next week because he is not staying in the house another week with those people. [except he uses a different word]

Inside the house, Dan and Memphis are bashing Jerry [big surprise]. They aren’t sure why Michelle isn’t talking to them, and they wish that Keesha would stop her worrying. Keesha and Renny join them and they all laugh and tell stories. Keesha is mad she walked out of the shower completely naked when she was HOH.

Ollie and Michelle can’t sleep because of all the laughing, so they go outside to play pool and bash the other HG some more. Then they start going around the house counting things for the competitions.

Michelle asks Keesha if she has decided who she is voting for and she says no. Michelle tries to campaign a bit and puts the idea in her head that Dan had a deal with Jerry that is why Jerry hasn’t asked for anyone’s votes. She tries this same approach with Memphis. She tells him that if he leaves Jerry in the house, he knows he is a target, but not with her. Then she reports the conversations to Ollie.

Keesha and Memphis question Michelle’s ability to keep her word [to nominate anyone, even Ollie if she wins HOH]. They both agree that she must be lying since she is attached at the hip with him. Keesha brings up the whole idea of Dan and Jerry having a secret deal and Memphis says that is ridiculous. He tells Dan about it later and they say they should pull her aside.

Ollie and Renny talk. She asks him if it was his choice to nominated Memphis and he says no, it was Dan’s. He tells her the entire story [his version] and bashes Dan. He asks her if she really thinks she can trust Dan after what he pulled at the veto, and she says she doesn’t trust anyone. He tells her and Keesha that they will be safe if they keep Michelle in the game.

All the HG are talking in separate groups about who will win HOH and who will be nominated… little do they know that two people will be going home this week!

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