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BB10 Spoiler: HOH and nominations are over!

August 29, 2008 09:58 PM by Britteny Elrick

After the surprise double eviction night, it’s down to only five guests in the Big Brother house. Jerry is the lone survivor living among the Keesha, Renny, Memphis, and Dan alliance. Who will win HOH and will that lead to the breakdown of the fantastic four?

All the HG are talking about the previous HOH competition and how close Keesha was to losing. They are all ecstatic about the outcome. Keesha tells them all that they better keep her safe this week. Keesha enjoys her HOH stuff in the storage room since she won’t get the real room this week.

Next HOH Competition: JERRY WINS!

Keesha and Renny talk about how he has to nominate the boys this week, and Dan and Memphis are in the other room saying the same thing. Memphis does try to pull Keesha aside a little bit to secure a closer alliance with her. Jerry talks to Dan about going to the finals. He says that he needs someone strong to carry him, and Renny is not it. He asks Dan who would be better to bring. Jerry reassures Dan that if they were the final two that Dan would win.

Jerry tells Renny that he isn’t so sure she can trust Keesha. He says that she would keep Memphis over Renny. They talk about how Memphis has kind of skated by having others do his dirty work. Jerry says they can’t take their eye off the tiger. He keeps hinting for her to make a deal with him by saying he has to figure out how he will get past this week. Renny throws Dan and Memphis under the bus and tells Jerry about their secret alliance.

Then Jerry talks to Memphis. They get past their previous differences and agree that they would like to take each other to the final three. Memphis tells him that Keesha is the only person he trusts. Jerry suggests nominating Dan and Memphis tries to talk him out of it, pointing to his weaknesses. [obviously he is still trying to preserve their alliance] Memphis says they need to focus on the Renny and Keesha alliance. They make a promise to go to the final two.

Keesha and Renny sense what is going on with the guys and they know that they are probably selling them out.

Dan and Memphis strategize. They talk about how they have to continue to build trust with Jerry. Memphis is making him think he is still upset with Dan for nominating him. They want to align with Jerry so they can easily defeat him in the final three.

Nomination Ceremony: Keesha and Dan nominated!

Jerry tells Keesha that she isn’t the target, Dan is. He tells Memphis to fight like hell for the POV.

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