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BB10: Jerry Wins HOH

August 31, 2008 06:43 PM by Ryan Haidet

Dan nominated for eviction

After a crazy night last Thursday in the Big Brother house, things definitely slowed down. The foursome of Keesha, Renny, Dan and Memphis couldn’t have been more thrilled at how last week’s events went down. Jerry was left on the outside — literally.

After the live portion of the show, the four were all chatting in the bedroom as Jerry roamed around his bedroom aimlessly. Keesha said he probably feels really alone. Memphis looked at it differently and said that Jerry should feel really lucky. Renny then chimed in and added that they never seem to be able to get rid of Jerry.

Jerry remains the sole player from his alliance

Head of Household

The five remaining houseguests gathered outside to play in the Head of Household competition. Keesha, the last person to be HOH was not able to participate, so she hosted. It was Dan, Renny and Memphis against Jerry. They thought their odds were great. Dan said in a confessional that if they can’t beat Jerry with one of three people, that he thought one of them definitely deserved to go home.

In front of each of the players was a giant skee-ball game with lots of numbered slots at the end. Keesha named an event that has taken place in the house. It was a simple concept as the contestants had to try and roll their ball into the numbered slot according to the day they thought it happened.

Dan took an early lead, but that was sucked right away just a few questions in as Jerry took over and eventually won.

So much for odds.

After Jerry took the power of HOH, Dan said he felt vulnerable and Keesha was upset knowing that one of the four would be leaving this week.

Personalities shine through

With only five people left, the producers really revealed a lot about the remaining contestants’ personalities. First, Dan argued with Renny over timezones. She was convinced that if it was 8 PM in Los Angeles that it was 6 PM in New Orleans. She stood her ground and took offense that Dan and Memphis were laughing at her. Eventually she got it and laughed at herself.

Then, the houseguests weighed in on Keesha’s laugh. They all tried to duplicate it as best they could and talked about how irritating it is to hear. Renny said that dogs can hear it. When Jerry tried to mock her laugh in a confessional, it was the scariest moment in Big Brother history (OK, I’m kidding — but if you saw it you know what I mean!)

And when Jerry’s HOH bedroom was revealed, the others sat and listened to a story about Hissy — a toy snake he received from a doctor after he had surgery. They all sat in the room and looked absolutely bored. Dan said he was fighting off sleep. After what looked like hours of a story, Jerry said the moral was to hiss and not bite.

Renny also shined when she apparently was sleep walking. She got up and was asking what happened to her candy bar. She obviously found one as she chewed on it in bed. Memphis and Keesha laughed at her as she kept making comment after comment and walked around the room. The next morning, Renny said she didn’t know what happened the night before because she woke up with an Almond Joy in her bed. It was pretty funny.

Strategy talks

But the fun wasn’t stopping strategy. Memphis said it would be disastrous for his alliance he has with Dan if both of them were nominated. So Memphis went upstairs to talk to Jerry. Memphis confided that he wanted to be kept off the chopping block. That’s when Jerry fired out that he wanted to make a deal to go to the final two and that he wanted to nominate Dan for eviction. The two shook on the final two deal. In a confessional, Memphis said he needed Jerry to believe it all so he could keep his alliance with Dan alive.

Memphis made a deal with Jerry


Only two keys filled the nomination box — those belonging to Renny and Memphis. Which left Dan and Keesha nominated for eviction. Jerry said that each of them had nominated him in the past. As for Keesha, he said she’s a very strong player. As for Dan, he said it was a matter of trust.

Keesha is nominated against Dan

After the nominations, Dan said that Memphis winning the Power of Veto would be the best-case scenario. Memphis then said his plan for the week is to backdoor Renny because he doesn’t have any deal with her.

Things are about to get dirty…

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