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BB10 Spoiler: Someone’s getting crafty…

August 31, 2008 01:03 PM by Britteny Elrick

The HG received a giant basket of crafts and alcohol…the perfect compliment to any Sunday morning. Find out who will becrafting their way right out thedoor ofthe Big Brother house…

Well… Memphis won the POV by eight seconds! It was a game that had to do with the HG baby pictures.

Memphis talks to Dan about using it on him. He tells Dan that if he does it, then Dan has to stop all of his ridiculous stunts in the house [like what he pulled last week with the POV ceremony]. Dan says he trusts him. The plan is to take Dan off and nominate Keesha. That would make Dan the only vote, and Memphis makes him swear that he will vote out Renny. They don’t trust Keesha to be the deciding vote. They are going to make it look like it was only Memphis’ decision, to hide their alliance. Keesha is really worried and keeps asking Dan what is going on with the POV.

Memphis tells Jerry that the plan is still on for them to be the final two. Jerry thinks they need to vote Dan out, but Memphis tries to convince him that Renny is too strong of a competitor and they wouldn’t be able to beat her. Jerry doesn’t agree, and reminds Memphis that he controls three of the votes in the jury house.

Jerry tells Renny that he thinks she is okay because Memphis won’t use the POV. Of course, he lets her know that he has all the power in the jury house and will control who wins the game. [?] Renny tells Jerry to remind Memphis that Dan nominated him, etc.

Renny and Keesha talk. They are upset that Dan has abandoned them all this week. They know that he and Memphis won’t get rid of eachother. They bash Dan for a while and plan on telling Memphis that he promised them the final three. They also agree that Jerry is nothing but a liar.

Keesha talks to Memphis and he promises her that if they make it to final three, he will take her to the finals. [how many people is he going to the final two with now?] He asks her not to vote him out if he is up next week. He tells her the plan to vote out Renny and she starts crying. She doesn’t think she can trust Dan to vote out Renny instead of her. Memphis says she just has to trust them.

Keesha tells Renny that they are in trouble. She doesn’t give her the details, but tells her that one of them will probably go home. Renny asks if it will be her, and Keesha says she doesn’t know. Keesha makes Dan promise that he is voting for her to stay this week. He reassures her that she is safe.

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