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BB10 Spoiler: Keesha finally catches on…

September 01, 2008 04:20 PM by Britteny Elrick

It’s time for the foursome to face the truth. One of them will be leaving the Big Brotherhouse ina couple of days,which means it’s time to throw someone under the bus…

Dan and Memphis talk about who they should evict next week, Jerry or Keesha. They say they will deal with it when they win HOH, but they will probably get rid of Keesha since they know they can beat Jerry at the last competition [which will be endurance]. Keesha must have heard something because she comes outside and tells them to let her know if they are planning to vote her out.

Renny keeps asking Keesha what Memphis is going to do with the POV, and Keesha tells her she doesn’t know. Keesha tells her that he might use it on Dan and that they might have a deal, but she’s not sure. Renny wants to split them up. Then Renny goes to pester Memphis about the POV and he tells her he is undecided. When she leaves, he calls her crazy.

Keesha talks with Memphis and they are both going nuts keeping the secret from Renny. Meanwhile, Dan tells Renny he is worried about his reputation outside of the house. He talks about his girlfriend’s dad being skeptical about him going on the show.

Keesha walks outside again and confronts Dan and Memphis. She shouts, “I don’t trust you f*ckers, if you’re voting me out just say so.” They reassure her she is safe. Later on, Memphis sucks up to Keesha a bit more. He keeps telling her that he will be happy being in second place as long as she was first. He tells her that Jerry will vote Dan out if he has a chance, then they can get rid of Jerry and be in the finals. He says they will hang out when they leave the house. Renny comes in and they bash Jerry for awhile.

Dan’s birthday is tomorrow and they make a cake.

Jerry and Renny get into a fight because she calls him out on his crap. She says he constantly talks sh*t about everyone and he retaliates saying she does the same thing. This goes on and on til Memphis breaks it up. Later, Keesha tells Renny that Jerry wants her gone, and Renny doesn’t care.

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