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High School Musical Get In The Picture: Other People’s Shoes

September 01, 2008 07:02 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight, on High School Musical: Get In The Picture, the main group did an acting exercise and explored characters and musical styles thatwere the opposite of their own personalities.

Host, Nick Lachey met up with the kids in Homeroom and asked them how they got to know people. He told them that today they would be walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

He asked the kids if they knew exactly why everyone acts the way they do right there in the school within their own small group. He said that they were going to learn a lot today as they performed the exercises given. The group broke up and the chorus headed off to work with Tiana Brown.

In the gymnasium, the room was set up like a Music Museum. There were mannequins dressed up in different types of clothing.

Rob Adler came in and explained to the kids that each of the kids would be assigned a look by the group and would have no say in the choice. He wanted the kids to be put into a style that was the farthest apart from their own style.

The kids would then be perfroming the song, “A Whole New World” filtered through the look that they had been assigned.

The group chose Rock and Roll for Tierney and she felt intimidated as she didn’t know anything about how they walked or talked or sang.

Isaiah was asked to wear the Folk outfit and Christina was to be dressed in Disco.

The group was unanimous in their choice for James…Hip Hop! James joked that he was the absolute epitomy of Hip Hop if all other good Hip Hop Artists had died.

They chose Goth for Stan as the group felt that Goth’s hated Jocks and it would be a good fit for him. Stan felt that he would not be able to do the performance well. He also thought the excercise was not going to teach him anything and would just make him look like a fool.

In the chorus rehearsal, the group asked TJ how he felt and he said that he was looking at it as an opportunity to give him more time to improve himself.

Tiana thought that by keeping with the theme of “Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes” and pushing the kids outside of their comfort zone, that she would teach them Modern dance.

The kids seemed uncomfortable with it, but they did get into it and have fun and Tiana was happy with their efforts.


Back in the costume area, the kids picked out their outfits and Isaiah gave James some pointers on how to do the walk. Stan and Tierney also grew closer and flirted as she did his nails and make-up for him.

The group went outside and Nick introduced them as they gave an outdoor concert for a group of kids.

Tierney was up first with her Rocker performance and she commented that she felt so cool. She said she wanted to just go and hang out with them. She learned that even though people may dress up like that, they still were individuals on the inside.

James Hip Hop performance required about another hour to perfect according to Isaiah, but Christina thought that he was still looking like a white boy that couldn’t dance.

Folk singer Isaiah gave it a good try and he thought that he did a good job adjusting to the chill performance.

Disco Diva Christina looked like Diana Ross on stage and Isaiah thought that she did a good job.

Last up was Stan. He was actually freaking me out with his routine and looked like Marilyn Manson. After he performed though he made a comment that putting on the costume made him feel down and sad. There was a Goth in the audience and he asked the kid how he felt in his outfit and the kid told him that he doesn’t get down when he dresses that way, but feels cool and really good. This surprised Stan andhe bonded with the kid and understood that clothing could just be a way to dress and not be an emotional attachment for people.

Back at the common room, the chorus was surprised when the singers came into the room dressed up. Shayna said that she had to reassure herself that it was Stan.

The chorus seemed upset because they missed out on what the group got to do.

Anthony told TJ that the chrous will get to him when he sees what they get to do. TJ tried to counsel Anthony when he said he feels left out and like a geek again. Anthony also felt that he was letting his family down now by being in the chorus.

The next day in homeroom Nick told the kids that their journey into uncharted territory was far from over. He said that he was going to take them back to a time before cell phones and web pages. The 1980′s!

The kids didn’t know much about the 80′s, but gave some information to Nick. Nick told them that kids in the 80′s were into the same stuff that they are into now. He told them to listen to the music and they would realize that and then popped in the fact that they would be able to do just that as they would be performing a medley of 1980 music.

Tierney didn’t like anything about the 80′s and didn’t understand why they had to do it. Stan didn’t think that it was the coolest decade for him and now had get through something again that he didn’t want to do.

The whole group was to perform again this week and Anthony only knew about “The Goonies” and hoped that he would be dressed up like CHUNK!

Stan and Tierney began to hit on each other again as Rob Adler came into the room with Jen Malenke and told the kids that they would be recreating a 1986 prom.

They gave the kids pointers and told them to show emotion on stage so they can see what the kids are going through. They told them that if they don’t show real emotion on stage they will look phony. They explained that Tierney had to show emotion and James had to show confidence in their performance.

Back in the common room the drama continued as Tierney and Stan began to have feelings for each other, but Tierney didn’t want to come in between Shayna and him.


Tierney and Shayna began to talk and it was as if you were sitting back in high school again looking in on a love triangle.

Shayna felt that Tierney didn’t really like Stan, but wanted to have him for herself.

The competition was fierce this week and the kids were very nervous.

The kids went on stage to show the faculty how well they could handle music recorded before they were born.

I can tell you as a teenager and someone who had their own prom in 1987, that I did NOT dress like those kids did! I don’t know who their costume designer was, but they didn’t do their research!

After the show, which was more like from the late 1970′s other than the song choices, Jen Malenke commented that Stan didn’t live up to her expectations this week and had flubbed some of his lines. She felt that there was chemistry going on between Tierney and him and that is why he couldn’t stay focused.

Tiana Brown thought that James was her favorite this week as he was on the stage and confident.

Rob Adler thought that the medley was terrific and he wanted more from Tierney as she kept her emotions once again on the surface.

Nick lachey entered the room after the faculty met and this week Isaiah was the best performer.Isaiah read the names of the kids remaining in the competition and this week Tierney, Christina and Stan were chosen and James was sent to the chorus.

Next week, the finale of the show airs and the winner will be chosen to GET IN THE PICTURE!

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Photo Courtesy: ABC

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