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America’s Got Talent Drains The Talent Pool A Bit As Ten More Perform

September 02, 2008 07:23 PM by DA Southern


America’s Got Talent has no love for 5 of the acts that performed last Wednesday and we will see ten more strut their stuff as we make drastic cuts quickly to get to the Top 20 acts from where our winner lies. This show definitely propels the next great act on to the worldwide stage as I saw last year’s winner, Terry Fator, performing on the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon. So it will be interesting to see who will be there next year.

Jerry got into the action as he talked with the judges, David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, about the competition and Piers affinity for buzzing last week and about the winner’s big prize. With the pleasantries out of the way, and a quick recap of the acts from last Wednesday, we learned that America voted for Paul Salos, aka Frank Sinatra, The Wright Kids, Daniel Jens and Queen Emily to be in the Top 20. The judges had the final vote between Zooperstars and Beyond Belief Dance Company and you know Piers would have no better feeling than rid himself of the Zooperstars once and for all which he did with his vote. Sharon disagreed with Piers leaving the final decision with The Hoff and he was kind to both but in the end sided with Sharon and sent the Zooperstars through to the Top 20.

The first act of the evening was another dance team, The Texas State Strutters, who wanted to prove Sharon wrong but were buzzed by Piers and Sharon both before finishing their routine. Eventually The Hoff agreed and found the Strutters not worth the trouble, nor did the fourth judge, the Audience, who booed them. Piers said they were boring and Sharon said they could not sustain a show in Vegas and David added that he just let some dancers go that were better than them.


The singer, Michael Strelo-Smith, who went head-to-head with Neal E. Boyd and stood his ground, gave up a job as a teacher to pursue his dream, wanted to show his former students that he could follow a dream by being on AGT. Michael came out with a bundle of nerves and a poor song choice and got two rather quick buzzings by Sharon and Piers. Piers said he was to karaoke, which caused Michael to respond a bit defensively and Sharon said his performance screamed “Music Teacher.” David said he did “A damn good job” and that his students should be proud of him but only America can judge if he deserves to stay on.

Next up was one of the craziest acts, magician Bruce Block, who wanted to know that his crazy act would get to Vegas cam out with a horse trick. Bruce mostly talked about the trick and really did not do a great trick at all. Piers saw no humor in his routine and buzzed him immediately and Sharon and David summarily agreed with Piers and said that he had definitely not brought his A-game to the stage, even to the point of Piers saying that “He represented all of the magicians that had auditioned and had let them down.”


Next we saw Shequida Hall, the opera singer, who sings in drag and wants America to “Get her,” for a lack of a better phrase. She swung down singing a Donna Summer song and was buzzed by Piers rather quickly. Piers explained that she was much too high a singer tonight and that he didn’t enjoy the performance and Sharon agreed with Piers. David said that she was a “One man/One woman party” but said that he loved the old Shequida better when she sang as a man and a woman. Only on AGT!

The large Von Trapp-like family, The Taubl Family, was back on the AGT stage with a chance to show America that they are not as old-fashioned as believed. The family came out in pretty fair voice and with the acts that have graced the stage tonight; they should have an easy time of it. At least they didn’t get buzzed off by Piers. Piers was very congratulatory of the family and was happy to see them perform as a cohesive group. Sharon said they were a “Ray of sunshine” because of some of the acts they had seen tonight already and The Hoff added that they really had “The edge” that he did not know if they had to win.


The baton-twirling phenom, Jonathan Burkin, who has endured the suffering of his peers, talked about not ever missing in his routine or his journey would be over, started out with a fantastic fire display with his batons and added some incredible acrobatics along the way. Jonathan really did an entertaining set that had the audience cheering and the judges smiling. Piers said it was incredible and he was amazed how much better he gets every time. Sharon said he was sensational and The Hoff said that he was probably the best baton twirler in the world.

A country singer, Sarah Lenore, who gave up college to seek her dream, was seeking to stand out in the competition from every other blond-headed singer that has graced the AGT stage. She came out as edgy as a seasoned country singer could be and gave a pretty consistent performance overall. Piers said she looked nervous at first but that after the nerves subsided, she really did well. Sharon said that she did very well and David Hasselhoff said that “Her daddy should be proud” because of her great performance.

Hip-Hop was next on the agenda as a group of dance instructors, SickStep, who loved to take their dancing to the streets, were out to prove Piers wrong as he was not sure if they had what it took to win. The guys came out dressed as basketball players and did the whole routine in the spirit of a well-honed team. Piers said they did a “Damn good job” tonight and proved him wrong. Sharon said that they owned the stage tonight and that it was “Fun to watch” and The Hoff said they were “Sic” tonight.


Matthew Piazzi was the next talent who seeks a Vegas contract and his act was definitely one that lends itself to the Vegas strip as a comedian who imitates stars and did a fairly good job at the voices. Piers, as usual, buzzed him off but the other two liked him. Piers said that he “Blew it” tonight by playing the piano instead of just doing voices. Sharon was a bit nicer but still tended to side with Piers but The Hoff said that he though he was great. He definitely was one of the better acts tonight and will probably be on the cusp of making it through.


The final act of the evening was “The King” himself, Elvis singer, Joseph Hall, who had a rough go of it in the final days leading up to the semi-finals. Of course with big Elvis shoes to fill, Joseph was sure he could walk in The King’s shoes and make it back to the strip,or at least to a Wedding Chapel on the strip. He came out doing a young Elvis with Jailhouse Rock going full throttle behind him, dancing girls and all. Piers said that he though his singing was wobbly and that he thought that he might have been taking himself too seriously. Sharon said that it was hard to dance and sing at the same time and that he had lost his “Naughtiness.” Hasselhoff said pretty much the same thing as Piers and Sharon but hoped he would make it back so he could see if he could get the “Naughtiness” back.

Wednesday brings five acts crashing on the AGT stage as the results from America are revealed and the final ten acts perform for the final spots in the Top 20 that will start to perform next week.

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