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BB10: Memphis Uses POV On Dan

September 02, 2008 08:08 PM by Ryan Haidet

Renny nominated after Memphis uses POV

After Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha for eviction, the five remaining contestants inside the Big Brother house all realized the importance of the upcoming Power of Veto competition.

Jerry had a plan with his nominations — he wanted Dan out of the house simply using Keesha as a pawn. He even told her after the nomination ceremony that she wasn’t the target. But even though he knew what he wanted to have happen didn’t mean it would because, as he was saying, the POV would determine a lot.

Memphis had his own plan. He said in a confessional that he wanted to get Renny out of the house this week because he felt she could beat them all in the end.

Renny and Keesha even talked about that exact possibility. If Memphis won the POV would he actually use it to save Dan? Because of that, Renny said that even though she’s not one of the nominees that she doesn’t feel safe.

Outside of strategy, a hilarious moment happened when Dan, Memphis and Jerry thought they saw a message in the sky. As Jerry was trying to read it, he kept backing up — all the way until he fell in the pool! Dan said it was the funniest moment for him in the house so far.

Memphis makes promises

The only person left in the game that Memphis doesn’t have a deal with is Renny. One at a time, Memphis held to Jerry, Keesha and Dan that he would stay true to them and take them to the end. In a confessional, Memphis said all his deals were good — at least for that point in time.

Memphis makes promises

But even with that said, it seemed the person he would stay most true to was Dan who has been a long-time ally. They even made a plan together to reveal the Renegades alliance they’ve had at the final three by pulling out red bandanas.

Dan’s plan

Realizing how important the POV would be, Dan wanted to irritate Renny so much that she would be distracted when it came time to compete. In the kitchen, he was copying every move she made. From the way she held her cup to the way she laughed, there was no mannerism that was untouched. Dan was really getting to her. Then in one of the bedrooms, when Dan walked inside Memphis asked him to say something funny. Renny asked him to do so, too. Well, Dan told Renny to look in the mirror.

Dan promises Memphis

Frustrated with all of Dan’s antics, she left the room.

It was definitely working.

BB10 houseguests make ugly babies together

In the POV competition, the houseguests were separated into different rooms as one player at a time went outside to compete.

On a screen, the faces of two contestants from this season were melded together to create their “baby.” The goal was to correctly identify the two people that made up the baby. The person to complete it the fastest would win the POV.

Dan went first. And when those pictures flashed on the screen — they were definitely ugly babies.

Jerry went second and had trouble with the first image — a combination of Dan and April’s faces. Jerry thought the kids were ugly, too, and said that nobody in the BB10 house should consider making children together.

Memphis was next and didn’t seem to have too many problems.

Renny, on the other hand, started out decently, but when it got to what seemed like the easiest one, she struggled. It was a mix of Jerry and Michelle. After trying multiple guesses, she finally got it right. And when the “baby” picture that combined her and Jessie, she actually liked it. She said the two of them made a cute baby. Was she looking at the same thing as the rest of us?

Keesha was last.

Memphis wins POV

After the competition was complete, the five gathered to see who had won. Here were their times:

Renny — 23:32

Jerry — 8:01

Dan — 2:58

Memphis — 2:50

Keesha — 5:16

With that, Memphis won the POV and was very excited about it. Jerry was just hoping Memphis would stay true to his deal and keep the nominations the same.

Dan makes a promise

Memphis told Dan that he had to stop making his crazy moves if he was pulled off the chopping block. He agreed. Dan also promised that he would vote Renny out next.

Keesha figured the two had made some sort of agreement since they were such close friends and had been outside talking for quite some time. So she went straight to Memphis and asked him what was going on. He told her that she was definitely safe this week and would be going to the final three with he and Dan. He said that he needed to get Renny — Keesha’s closest friend and ally — out of the house since she would beat anybody in the end.

Renny nominated

At the Veto Ceremony, each nominee was given the chance to plead their case. Dan stood first and said there would be no better gift on his 25th birthday than to have the POV used on him. As for Keesha, she stood and said that no matter what, she had no hard feelings against anybody.

Memphis then announced he was using the Veto on Dan. With no other option, Renny was nominated against Keesha.

Renny nominated for eviction

After getting put on the chopping block, Renny said that she isn’t going down without a fight. As for Jerry, he was upset and said that he would definitely be doing something in retribution after Memphis went back on his deal.

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