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BB10 Spoiler: POV Ceremony is over!

September 02, 2008 05:49 PM by Britteny Elrick

Has someone been given a gimmer of hope that they might last another week in the Big Brothercrazy house?

POV Ceremony: Memphis saves himself, and Renny is nominated.

Memphis thinks Jerry is mad because he ruined his plan to get rid of Dan. Renny is surprisingly cool with everything and she is being nice to everyone. Dan and Memphis talk about scenarios for next week and how Jerry can’t compete in the HOH, but he thinks he can. They say that he is a strong mental competitor but physically weak. Dan asks Memphis what he would tell Keesha if she offered him the final two, and Memphis says that they should both replythat they don’t make deals [except he already made one with her!]

Renny grills Keesha and asks if she knew what the plan was this week. Keesha says she wasn’t sure. Renny knows that Jerry and Memphis have a deal for final two. Keesha knows that she doesn’t have the votes in the jury house to win the game. Jerry tells them that he finally realized he can’t compete in HOH next week.

Jerry starts kissing up to people after realizing he is on his own next week. He keeps telling Keesha she has to win HOH because he can’t. Keesha and Renny agree they would never vote for Jerry to win because he has never helped them in the game. They thinkJerry has slidthrough on luck. They find some wine in the storage room and hide it for themselves. While drinking, Renny tells Keesha that she knows she is going home and that Keesha will make it to the final three. Keesha doesn’t think she’s staying [but she knows she is].

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