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Million Dollar Listings Slip Through Their Fingers!

September 02, 2008 08:15 PM by Lisa Stauber

Million Dollar Listing is turning over hot properties again tonight. Last week saw Josh close a sale, Chad fight with his girl, and Madison get the brush off from his one true love, who happens to be a woman. What’s going to happen this week?

Previous client Pierre is ready to sell his 7,000 sq. ft. Beverly Hills estate, and has a 22 year old son who is a newly minted real estate agent. He’s asked Josh back to babysit and help his kid out with the listing. Pierre wants to list at a high $10 million, but Josh thinks that it should be listed at $7 million.

Chad finally gets NBA star Cuttino’s house listing. It’s a 6,000 sq. ft. home with 5 1/2 baths and a climate controlled wine cellar. Cuttino finally signs the papers after Chad convinces him to price right. His goal is to sell the house in a month after fielding multiple offers.

Madison has been busy, too, and he’s finding Taylor, a college student, a house. Taylor’s dad has given him a million and a half dollars to find a Malibu pad. Madison starts out showing him even pricier digs, since Taylor wants to live on the beach. Taylor’s picky, and wants a bachelor pad, not a family home, and begs Dad for more money. Mr. Bloom decides to come out and see the properties for himself, and Madison senses a bad scene up ahead.

Victoria and Chad have been on the rocks, after Chad pushed her to move in during their Vegas trip. Victoria’s heading home to Texas to think about her future. “I love Chad to death,” she says, “I’m just unsure… it’s a big step,” she says. Chad drives her to the airport and watches her walk away. “She means the world to me, and I don’t want to lose her,” he says.

Taylor’s dad has carved out 48 hours to pick a house, and Madison meets Mr. Bloom at the airport. “Something tells me his dad is going to be a tough sell,” Madison says.

Josh has his first open house with Pierre, and he starts the morning with a mid-life crisis. He’s not sure he wants to do real estate for the rest of his life, and thinks he’s starting to wrinkle from the stress.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bloom hails from Texas. He shoots down the first house before they even walk int he door, and Madison knows he’s in for a shock at the California real estate prices. They check out a 2,400 sq. ft. home for $1.38 million. “I really want to see something… unique. An ocean view is important.” Mr. Bloom says, and says he’s willing to double his price for the right place. Madison makes it happen.

Chad heads to Cuttinos to prep for the open house. Cuttino has moved to Los Angeles, and took all the furniture with him. No furniture, and wires hanging from the walls, looks bad but the broker’s open must go on. The real estate agents tell Chad to get the place staged ASAP in order to get his price.

Josh will be taking turns with Pierre’s son Reuben hosting open houses. He’s prepped some mimosas for the buyers and browsers, but they all think it’s way overpriced. A pair of women show up and Josh is sure they are just tire kickers. He judges their car, their clothes, and rolls his eyes as they leave.

Madison finds the Blooms a home on the Pacific Coast Highway and arranges a private showing. It’s 2,500 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms and large decks. The listing agent reveals it just fell out of escrow, and tells them he’s gotten tons of calls. An hour later, Mr. Bloom decides to make an offer. They offer $2.6 million with no contingencies and a quick close. “I think it’s enticing, and the terms are great,” Madison says.

Chad goes to the airport to pick up Victoria, and he surprises her by hiring a cleaning crew to go over her apartment. “I did this as much for me as for her,” neat freak Chad says. She apologizes for freaking out in Vegas, but wants to get a job and get her feet under her before jumping into moving in together.

Josh is celebrating his 22nd birthday, and his Mom and Dad are throwing him a party. He’s sad though, because he only has two actual friends. “I have 150 acquaintances downstairs,” he says. “I’m just another year older.”

Chad is showing Cuttino’s house, even though it’s not completely staged yet. During the showing, the wood floor came up in the wine cellar and Chad does a closer inspection. He finds tons of water damage under the floors. Lauren, Cuttino’s manager tells him to lie about it and lock the wine cellar door. “I’m not going to lie for anyone.” Lauren doesn’t want to fix the problem. Chad brings Cuttino himself to the house to meet the contractors who will be giving them estimates. The contractors have to take up the floor to see the extent of the damage. It looks like there is a burst pipe underneath the foundation. “You’re going to lose your bottom floor. Everything you see has to come out,” the contractor says. “We have no choice but to take it off the market,” Chad says.

Josh checks in with Pierre, and finds out that Reuben got a couple of offers from his open house. He heads over to the house to take a look at the offers. Both offers skip a traditional mortgage, and one is all cash. Josh shows up in gym clothes, and Pierre is upset at his unprofessionalism. Reuben won’t tell him what the offers are, and are shutting him out. Pierre won’t be using Josh to buy his new house, either. He’s mad that he won’t be part of the negotiation, even though his commission is secure.

Madison gets the Bloom’s offer accepted, and all they have to do is have a mold inspection. The inspector thinks the house looks great, and it looks like the deal will be going through! Madison closes another sale.

Pierre’s negotiations were a bust, both deals fell through, and he’s taking his house off the listing. Josh cheers himeself up by reading that Chad lost Cuttino’s listing. Chad will definitely get the house when Cuttino’s ready to sell, even if it’s six months down the road.

Madison is the only one of the group who closed a deal this week, and now Josh isn’t even sure if he wants to be in real estate. The series wraps up next week, so look for some loose ends to be tied up and some major decisions made!

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