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America’s Next Top Model: Season 11 Premier!

September 03, 2008 07:08 PM by Britteny Elrick

Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Modelkickedoff tonight in Tyra’s hometown of L.A., where fourteen finalists would compete to wina contract withElite Model Management, a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, and a photo on the cover and six-page fashion spread in Seventeen magazine. When the girls first arrive, they find themselves having a fiercely futuristic experience…

The girlsare greeted by “Alpha J”and “Beta J”wearing all white and silver outfits with their hair also dyed silver. They arestanding in front ofa whitebuilding called the Top Model Institute of Technology. When they get inside, they all have towear spandex suits and receive a laser body scan. They test the ladies’ runway walks. Then they have to step into the “glaminator” which is going to transform them into better models. When they turn on the machine, it starts to smoke and then TyraBot appears wearing white lipstick and eyeshadow…looking very futuristic. She asks them if they can make money modeling. She tells them the next step is to go in the room with Alpha J and Beta J and “knock them dead.”

Phase 1: Meet the Models

Then the judges are all sitting down while the girls come in one by one. Some thingsthat are revealed:Analeigh was a figure skater who was recruited by a fake Saudi Arabian modeling agency; Hannah, from Alaska,is the sweet, middle class, innocent type and isexcited to be in a town where there is actually people; Elina is bisexualwho only wears black and is also avegan;Marjoriewas born inFranceand is a very high strung tomboy; Sheena says she’s not the typical Asian girl, she says she is dynamic and magnifying; Brittany is half black /half native-American who was on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly; Samantha wants to make this industry her own and thinks she is the all around model [yet she couldn't list three models]; Joslyn, has tried out thirty times and wants to prove that you can do what you put your mind to; and finally, Isis, the transgendered contestant, caught Tyra’s eye in cycle 10′s first “homeless” photo shoot. Later on, the girls pull Isis over to the side and ask her if she is “all female.” Some of the girls are not so happy and some feel threatened. [Isis, below]

Only twenty semifinalists would be granted access to Phase 2. The girls had to put their palms on a scanner and it would tell them if they had access granted or denied.

Phase 2: Photo Shoot

They shoot the girls wearing a full length blue latex bodysuit with giantsilver plastic balls. A few of the girls stood out, but most were having a hard time. The judges would analyze the photos and make another cut to reveal the final fourteen. First girls to entercycle 11are Sheena, followed by Analeigh. The next girls chosenare Nikeysha, then Marjorie, Samantha, Elina, Brittany R., and Britteny S. ["Mckey"]. The last six names called are Brittany B., Hannah, Lauren, Isis, Clark, and finally Joslyn.

Tyra tells the others that they have to look at Joslyn’s example and keep trying. She says Cycle 11 is “the future” and they are beyond fierce.

The girls are being driven through L.A. in vintage cars. They arrive at their destination and go up to hang out on the roof. Finally, they are greeted by the “Jay’s.” They announce that they will be moving into their new house. When they get inside, they find a gorgeously chic house and scattered throughout are pictures of moments frompast seasons. The girlsgrill Isis a little bit more and then they all get into the pool. Some of the girls are impressed with her openness, and some are umcomfortable [Clark and Hannah in particular] because they are from small towns. [Clark, below]

The next morning, they arrive at a giant Victorian house. When they walk inside the “Magic Castle” they are entertained by Ed Alonzo who introduces his assistants, the Jay’s. Inside the boxare the other judges,Nygil Barkerand Paulina. They tell the girls that today they will be having one on oneface timewith each of them for the first time in ANTM history but…. the girls would have to find them in the house.When they found each judge,the girls ask them for tips and tricks whilethe judges in turn, ask them questions. Many of the girls are not confident when speaking.

They arrive home to find a giant purple and black striped box. Inside were new outfits for the girls and a message from Tyra. When they get to their photo shoot, they find that it is an election theme. The modelsare supposed to convince their audience that voting is sexy. MIke Rosenthal would be the guest photographer. Each girl had torepresent a different ideal.

Tyra Mailannounces one person will be leaving tomorrow, and Marjorie is convinced it is her. The girls arrive to have their photos judged.First, Marjorie had to portray immigration, and they say she is too nervous but has great lines.ShaRaun did homeland security and Jay says she spreads her legs too much. Clark had beaurocracy [she didn't know what it was] and they said she looked like a black widow and all her shots were the same. Elina did foreign policy, they felt she did a great job. Nikeyshahad cloning and they thought her leg positions were horrible. Samanthadid economy and was very impressive and fit looking.Joslyn portrayedunemployment and she was fierce. Analeigh had healthcarebut the judges had differing opinions.Brittany was military, and she looked very powerful and proud. Hannah had nuclear weapons and she looked confused. Sheena portrayed energy and theythought it was beautiful, but too obvious. McKey had environment and she did a boxingpose, which they really loved. Laurengot educationbut had trouble finding the light. Lastly, Isis had privacy and nailed it perfectly. [Marjorie, below]

The judges deliberate.

Tyra announces that the first girl’s name will have her photo displayed in the house all week – and it is Marjorie! She is beyond shocked. Then, Isis followed by Mckey and Joslyn. Next names called are Elina, Samantha, Brittany, Sheena, Analeigh, Clark, Lauren, and Hannah. The final two girls areShaRaun and Nikeysha. Tyra said that Charaun didn’t have substance, and NIkeysha can’t take criticism. Nikeysha stays which meansShaRaun goes home.

ShaRaunfelt that the judges didn’t understand her confidence.

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