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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: “That’s not what friends are for…”

September 03, 2008 04:39 PM by Britteny Elrick

Things are getting hairy in the Big Brotherhouse… find out who is losing it.

Memphis asks Dan to shave his back. Dan is a bit grossed out and asks him if he makes Ashley [his gf] do that. Memphis says no. Dan says, this is not what friends are for, and his hair is so thick thatit is jamming the razor. He calls him a wooly mammoth.

Let’s just say Jerry is not too happy witha couplethings: his “final two” companion, and his sore @ss [from falling into the pool]. He’s disappointed that Memphis took Dan off the block and keeps rubbing muscle cream on his back.

Keesha and Dan keep talking about going home and they are very excited. They wonder how many people are watching them on the internet right now. Memphis comes out and they all talk about how much Jerry is trying to suck up to all of them now. They think it is B.S. – especially how he thinks he controls the whole jury house. Memphis pulls Dan aside and they share some hidden beer in the storage room. They talk about Jerry for a bit.

They are all outside and talking about how naturally pretty Angie is. They say Keesha is pretty too, Renny feels left out and gets a little fiesty. Then they discuss the girls’ different sizes of boobs. Memphis thinks April’s boobs are gross. All sorts of mind boggling and thought-provoking conversations happen next.

They discuss conspiracy theories, aliens, whether or not man really went to the moon, etc. Dan finally shares some of his hidden beer with Keesha, and she says she has never craved alcohol more than now.

Memphis talks to Keesha about how he hasn’t turned on anyone yet in the game. They discuss the fact that Renny hasn’t even bothered asking anyone how they are voting. They all think she has given up. Keesha is really annoyed with Jerry being so two-faced. Apparently, he has been hinting to keep Renny in the house, but hasn’t actually said it yet.

Dan and Memphis talk about the others. They don’t think Renny or Keesha need the money. Something comes up about Keesha’s boyfriend JJ, and they wonder why she hasn’t been in any of his movies…[oh, she has...it was called Fear Chamber and she was topless!] They question which HG will get voted back in, and say that if it is Michelle then they can kiss the Renegades goodbye. Keesha comes out and Dan tells her she doesn’t really need to pack her suitcase, but she says she would never be that arrogant.

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