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Project Runway Does Diane von Furstenberg in High Style

September 03, 2008 08:41 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway gives the designers their due as they get to work with fashion icon, Diane von Furstenberg for this week’s challenge and one designer will definitely not make the grade tonight in a big way sending them off of the show in what would have to be the biggest disappointment from a designer’s standpoint. With the loss of Keith from last week, Suede was lamenting that the guy ranks were getting thin but was glad to still be standing.


Heidi informed the designers that they would be working with a fashion icon this challenge and, lo and behold, Tim Gunn came out and joined Heidi. No, he was not the icon, but he is truly dapper enough to be one. Tim gathered up the ragtag bunch and headed to the meat-packing district in New York where all of the designers hang out and were escorted into Diane von Furstenberg’s studio foe the next challenge dynamics.


Diane wanted the designers to design a look for her fall collection based on the character that Marlene Dietrich played in her movies and that the winner’s design would be sold by American Express to its members. One of the most exclusive prizes to date and the chance to pick through Diane’s own personal fabrics to boot for the challenge,Priceless.

All of the designers seemed to want to be at the top of their game for this one if nothing else for the exposure of having their design sold by Diane von Furstenberg. Definitely a resume booster. Leanne, even with her immunity, was preparing to push the boundaries as she had nothing to lose in this challenge. Joe was noticing the layering that Von Furstenberg was know for and decided to go in that vein and Kenley noticed that everyone seemed to be doing a 3 piece suit of some kind.


Suede was going for more of a traditional camouflage look and Blayne was looking to be a risk-taker for this challenge. Terri was going for a more androgynous look, saying that was what it was all about as Marlene’s character. Obviously, Terri had never seen one of Dietrich’s movies,Ever!

With the clock ticking away towards midnight, the deadline Tim had told them about, many of the designers were worried about the time schedule and the fact that Diane von Furstenberg deserved more time from a design piece. Joe was doing some oriental-inspired top for his design and Leanne was doing a spy-inspired piece and even acted like a spy for the cameras. Nice!


Terri was very busy dissing everyone, especially Kenley, saying that no one really compared with her design. Tim was in to chat with the designers and was first to see Suede and was not impressed with the design. Next Tim was off to Leanne and was very impressed with her colors but was not so sure about her jacket. Joe’s oriental design made Tim look with amazement and we were unsure as to what his true thoughts were. Korto, who always looks like she is ready to cry or something, tried to explain to Tim that the use of yellow in her design and Stella was doing a travel-inspired theme and it didn’t look like there was any “Leth-aa” in the outfit at all. Kenley was complimented by Tim and Kenley truly was brought to tears with the magnitude of the challenge.


Joe, still whining about the time factor, ushered in the flurry of activity that the designers were involved in as the midnight hour approached and we had no idea as to the overall condition of the designs. We seldom do at this point as we approach the Day of The Runway Show.

The designers all got dressed for what would be one of the biggest days of one of their lives and the worse for another. Tim was in to give them encouragement and told them they had an hour to get ready and their models to the TRESemme beauty area. Heidi was out to reiterate the challenge and introduced the judges, Michael Kors, guest judge for Nina, Fern Mallis, Senior VP IMG Fashion and Diane von Furstenberg herself. Heidi announced that one would be a winner and another of them would be “Auwt” and started the show.

michael-kors-and-guest-judge Fern Mallis

The show started off with the design from Joe and even though he complained about time, he seemed to get it done. Leanne’s dress/jacket combo was next followed by Terri’s design, then Jerell’s design who really loved his garment,I mean he REALLY loved it. Korto I guess was excited about her design, at least she said as much, yellow detailing and all, and Blayne said he was “Totally in awe” of his garment but, boy, was it a weird looking pant thingy. Suede was nervous about his design as he though the dress was a little much for Diane’s taste and Stella’s pantsuit was nothing that Hillary Clinton would be caught dead in, that is for sure. Finally, Kenley’s colorful cool looking little dress had a nice flow to it but she was a little worried that its one piece construction.

challenge winner leanne-hard-at-work

After the scoring, Heidi announced that Terri, Jerell and Blayne were safe but not the winners. Heidi then started the grilling of the remaining designers, starting with Korto. Diane did like the yellow on the design as did the rest of the judges. Joe’s design was not as well received by the judges and Kenley’s design was called a “Very pretty dress” by Heidi but not a difficult design, but the design was loved by Diane. Stella’s design was called a “Nightmare” by Kors because of the tailoring and Leanne’s design was a hit with the judges. Suede’s design was called “Not flattering” by Diane and the designers were sent off to rest.

challenge loser stella

The judges loved Kenley, Leanne and Korto’s design and hated Suede’s design as well as Joe and Stella’s design. After the judges were done, Heidi announced that Korto was safe and Leanne’s design was the winner. Kenley was safe as was Suede, leaving Joe and Stella to sweat it out. After Heidi lambasted them both, Stella was announced as “Auwt” and sent sewing off into the sunset. If nothing else, we will miss Stella’s spunk.

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