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BB10: Renny Evicted, Dan Wins HOH

September 04, 2008 06:50 PM by Ryan Haidet

Renny was evicted from the BB house

Day 59 in the Big Brother house brought another live eviction that whittled the number of houseguests down to four in what may be the most predictable episode of the show’s history. The only unpredictable moment was when a sumo wrestler made a surprise appearance in the house!

After Memphis removed Dan from the chopping block, Renny was the only option to nominate in his place. That put her against her best friend in the house — Keesha. Renny said in a confessional that Memphis could kiss her butt because she wasn’t about to start campaigning against Keesha.

Jerry’s deals

Jerry didn’t like it either because he felt Memphis backed out on his word. “Betrayal in this game should not just go unpunished,” Jerry said. With that, Jerry went and asked Keesha to come and chat. He told her that it’s obvious Dan and Memphis have a deal otherwise the Veto ceremony wouldn’t have gone down like it did. That’s when he made his move. He told her that he was the only shot she had at the $500,000 prize.

Next, Jerry approached Dan — his intended target for the week — and pretty much told him the same thing (that they should go to the end together).

In the Storage Room, Dan and Keesha were talking about Jerry and how he had approached both of them with essentially the same argument. They kind of laughed it off.

Dan and Keesha talk about Jerry\'s deals

Obviously convinced she would be the one eliminated, Renny and Keesha had a chat in the kitchen about how much they care about each other. Renny said that she would never forget Keesha and would keep her in her life forever. Renny even told Keesha that she wants her to become a mother.

House laughs at Jerry

In the first live segment, host Julie Chen lightened the mood when they showed the clip of Jerry falling into the pool as he tried to read something in the sky. It was hilarious. The houseguests all laughed at it — even Jerry who said it was a senior moment.

Jerry falls into the pool

Then Chen asked Dan about his antics with teasing Renny. He said that she was like his mom in the house, so the more he teased her, the more he cared about her.

Players reunited

In the Jury House, Libra was thrilled to see April come walking in the door. Then last week, Libra and April stood awaiting the arrival of the next evictee. Libra said she thought it’d be Michelle. April was hoping it would be Keesha. April went as far as saying that she’d roll the red carpet out for her, but hoped there wouldn’t be enough bedrooms so she would have to sleep outside. Wow. Animosity much?

Michelle then came busting into the house and explained to them about how she got backdoored. They watched a few segments of what had happened since they left the house, which got ugly. Michelle and April were laughing at Keesha saying how much weight she has gained in the house. Michelle also said that she can’t stand to watch Dan and that she physically wants to hurt him.

That’s when Ollie came in, which was bittersweet for April. She wanted to see him again, but hoped he could go farther in the competition.

Live eviction

Moments before the votes were cast, Renny and Keesha each got to plead their case. Renny went first and said that she’s happy to have made it this far. She said that she’s a fighter and pleased to have made such a good friend in Keesha. Then Keesha took her turn and told Renny how much she loved her. She also congratulated everybody for making it to the final five.

Only two people, Dan and Memphis, were eligible to vote. Both of the “Renegades” voted to evict Renny.

When the votes were revealed, Renny took it well, said her goodbyes and left the BB10 house for good. As she stepped outside for the first time in months, Renny blew a big kiss to the live audience and walked around shaking their hands.

In her exit interview, Renny said she’s proud of all she’s done in the game and hoped her family is too. She also said she hoped America could see how much of a loving woman she is.

Studying images pays off in HOH

Today the houseguests had been shown a bunch of images from competitions earlier this summer. They were displayed on the Memory Wall. Those images were the focus of the live HOH competition. In the backyard, each houseguest had to answer true/false questions about each of the images. Each correct answer would get them a point. The player with the best score after seven questions would win the HOH. After all seven questions were asked, Dan won HOH getting every answer right. Memphis was just one behind.

Group studies images on the Memory Wall

Little did the houseguests know that inside the house was a sumo wrestler waiting for them in the living room. Chen revealed to the viewing audience that the man held a clue to an upcoming luxury competition in which one player would get to leave the house and go on a trip. When they all walked inside after the HOH competition, they were very amused with the sumo wrestler who didn’t break his concentration. He then started speaking in another language and it was subtitled as, “I am sitting on the information you need.”

Sumo wrestler inside the BB house

First and third images courtesy of CBS.

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