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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: “Where the heck are our pictures?”

September 04, 2008 05:31 PM by Britteny Elrick

The Big Brotherhouseguests suspect something a little bit wacky is going on…

The HG make another appearance on Craig Ferguson.

Renny tells Keesha she doesn’t need to pack, and Keesha tells her that is ridiculous. They both start crying, and Renny says it just wasn’t meant to be that she stays in the house. Renny really thinks Keesha has a shot at winning. Keesha tells Renny that Jerry informed her Memphis has made deals with everyone in the house. She doesn’t seem particularly surprised or upset, but asks Renny who she should trust of the three remaining guys. Renny tells her definately not Jerry and reminds her that they will all sell her out if they have the chance.

Dan and Memphis are getting antsy about the HOH, considering it is so critical. They still think another HG will be brought back. They are planning on carrying out their plan to evict Jerry next week. Keesha comes in, and tells them that Jerry is telling her “one of the guys” has a deal with all three remaining people. They try to get more information, but she acts like she doesn’t believe Jerry at all. They all discuss how upset they are with Jerry thinking he controls the jury house… again.

Renny gives the boys some heartfelt advice before exiting the house… she tells Memphis and Dan that they both need to get in touch with their emotions and make amends with their parents. She says Dan needs to stop playing pranks on old people like her, and Memphis needs to put the toilet seat down.

The HG are put on an inside lockdown.

When they are done, BB tells them they are free to move about the house. The HG walk through the kitchen and notice that all the pictures on the memory wall are changed! BB has swapped their pictures with events that took place in the house. Jerry keeps telling them they had all better study hard. The HG examine every picture for awhile, realizing it will probably bepart of a competition.

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