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Lauren Conrad on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

September 04, 2008 09:00 AM by Paulene Hinds

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Lauren Conrad from The Hills,got the opportunity this weekend to MockHeidi on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

First, Jimmy asked her is she has ever tried to lose the paparazi and she explained that she is a tricky driver on the freeway, but it is more difficult to lose them as her house is on the show.He joked with her that she should fake the front of the house next season, to prevent them from bothering her.

Lauren discussed that she has a unique opportunity this year to design dress for one of the Emmy presenters. She even wore one of her own designs on the show.

Jimmy joked that Lauren and Heidi are both designers,asking her what the difference in the styles are and she tried to side step the question by stating that she tries to avoid seeing her dresses so that she will not be able to comment on them.She said that if she saw her designs and liked them then she would comment truthfully on it.

Jimmy moved onto questions about Heidi’s music and when Lauren stated that she doesn’t listen to her music on purpose and had never seen her new video, but had heard lots about it, Jimmy took that opportunity to show her a video clip of it. After she watched the video she stated that she liked her pink bikini.

To see the funny heads on sticks questions and a clip from the show check out the “You Tube” clip.


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Photo Credit: ABC

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