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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Luxury Competition is over!

September 05, 2008 03:34 PM by Britteny Elrick

Not only is the luxury competition over, but the Big Brother houseguests had a unlikely visit from a friendly gorilla…

Dan gets his HOH room andfinds a Killers cd, some beer, and Cheezits. He reads a letter from his sister and parents. They all make fun of Dan’s plethora of pictures [apparently he was chubby before and had blonde hair?] There are pictures of Monica everywhere. They all discuss whether or not they would do BB again, and they say no. Memphis wants to do survivor [which April originally applied for but they put her on BB]. A helicopter flies overhead, and Dan says it’s Julie Chen’s chopper.

Dan gets trapped by Jerry later. He tells him, “you never know, it could be Jerry and Judas in the finals.” Jerry shakes his head and tells him not to bring that up and that he’s sorry and old. He says, “I fell in the pool. I’m 75!”

Then Dan talks to Memphis about who he should nominate. He brings up the idea of putting up Memphis and Jerry. Memphis is cool with that because he knows that everyone will vote out Jerry. They are going to use the scenario to reinforce Keesha’s committment by telling her that they want to be nice and not put her up two weeks in a row. They also agree that by putting Memphis up it will make the other’s doubt their alliance.

Keesha still feels bad that Jerry is all alone and they are alienating them. The guys point out all the rude things he’s said and done. She says she misses Renny and is depressed. They keep making inappropriate jokes to try to cheer her up. Keesha and Memphis talk about Cali and where they live, where they eat, etc. Dan pops in and asks them if they will be okay sleeping tonight with just a guy and a girl in the room. Dan says they will have to have a slumber party in HOH – a Keesha sandwich – Memphis says that won’t go over well with his girlfriend. Dan keeps talking about Japan and how it’s only 8 hours away. He is literally obsessed.

This morning, the houseguests were awoken by a gorilla man directing them to the living room.

Then they find some crazy stuff in the backyard. There is a fake elephant, a cake that says “ing”, a space ship, a cow bell, a dino egg with “IT” on it, stuffed dog, statue of cesear, a blueberry, an ear, a wishing well, a contortionist, a ba-h tub, hot dog, boulder, ostrich, etc. Apparently there is some sort of phrase they have to guess and they have three hours and three chances. They are all sitting in the backyard completely confused. The gorilla keeps covering things up with different color tarps.

When they have a guess they ring the bell and they are called to the DR. The gorilla starts giving them bananas. Dan says that is what Memphis looks like when he doesn’t shave his back [the gorilla]. So far Jerry has made 2 guesses, Dan and Keesha have made 1, and Memphis none. Dan asks the gorilla if he likes blondes like King Kong does. Jerry goes to give his final guess and smirks a little at the others.

They are all annoyed. They don’t think it is that easy. The gorilla keeps covering up clues, trying to give hints, and Jerry thinks he guessed too early. Memphis says he is waiting til the very end. They thought it was possibly the San Diego Zoo, Vegas, or Hawaii (the bell was from the SS Oahu). The camera zooms in on the cracked egg with IT on it.

Apparently, Jesse was in the gorilla costume! Dan won the luxury competition… it is an outing to a private beach (don’t know where yet) and he gets to bring someone. No other decisions have been made yet.

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