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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Nominations and POV are over!

September 06, 2008 05:45 PM by Britteny Elrick

Nominations are over in the Big Brotherhouse and so is the POV competition…which leaves the fate of the house in the hands of one lucky houseguest.

Dan nominated Memphis and Jerry. He has also decided not to take anyone with him for the luxury competition, as to not cause any animosity in the house.

Jerry keeps trying to secure his final two agreement with Memphis and when they talk, Memphis just repeats what he says to make him think he is agreeing with him. Jerry warns him from screwing him over or else he will turn the jury house against him. He also tells Memphis that Keesha and Dan have a secret deal. Memphis reassures Jerry that Dan will vote any way that he wants him to [but they are going to make Keesha do their dirty work instead].

Memphis tells Dan about his conversation with Jerry. They agree they will vote Jerry out. Memphis is worried that he is looking like a real jerk on TV. Meanwhile, Jerry is completely giving Keesha the cold shoulder.

POV competition: Memphis won again!

Keesha is worried that Memphis will evict her, and Dan reassures her that Jerry is going home.

Memphis tells Dan that he thinks he is just meant to win POV every week. They agree that Keesha is starting to crumble mentally. Memphis says that Jerry told him Dan was lying about getting to go to the beach. Keesha comes up to the HOH room and she asks Memphis if he is voting her out… he says no. They bash Jerry for a bit. She leaves and the boys resume their strategy conversation.

They wonder who they would be able to beat in the final three HOH. They agree that Jerry is bad at physical comps, but he is good at trivia. Both think that Keesha has a sharp mind. They think it might be to their advantage to keep Jerry. During the three part HOH competition, they think Jerry might throw it if he is confident Memphis will take him. Dan says they need to stage a fight between eachother to assure Jerry that he is good with Memphis. They talk about how much money they will get and what they will say in their final speeches.

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