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Hulk Hogan’s Money Troubles

September 06, 2008 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds

american gladiator host

Hulk Hogan, the American Gladiators host has trouble blocking bills not body slams these days.

Hulk’s estranged wife Linda has been spending $8,948 a month on clothing and jewelry each month according to newly released legal documents.

She has also been spending over $801 a monthfor grooming purposes so she can look hot in those clothes she is buying.

Her house has to be kept in order as well and she is spends $7,502 on maid services and to keep her lawn looking lovely she spends, $2,464. Her poor pet only receives $1,374 worth of monthly care.

Her biggest amount of money spent monthly comes as no surprise. She spends $17,840 on attorneys and accountants each month.

Maybe she is trying to make all of those numbers match her husbands spending. It is too bad though that his money is shelled out for two things only, legal services which cost him $38,316 and since June of this year, his divorce proceedings which cost him $299,172.32.

At the rate of spending going on in both camps, they should hope that his net worth is actually the $32.4 million dollars that he claims and not the 26.7 million that her lawyers claimed, according to the paperwork obtained by the St. Petersburg Times.

The Hulk also had to foot the bill for his son Nick’s criminal defense on reckless driving charges which were $126,357.91 and he paid $80,000 in June for a public relations firm’s damage control services.

He pays the family of John Graziano, the young man who was seriously injured while a passenger in Nick Bollea’s car duringthe 2007 smashup, $5,000 per month and also gives $6,589 toward the monthly care of his elderly mother.

On top of all that he is paying his Linda over $40,000 in temporary monthly alimony.

All of this has taken a big chunk out of his own pocket and this is probably why he is only spending $102 on his own clothing; mind you he doesn’t wear much and $1,824 on vacations in comparison to his wife who spends $6,100 to travel.

Linda has filed a report stating that her husband’s income has dropped from $4.7 million in 2006 to less than half at $1.2 million in 2007. He has however done a bit better this year making $2.5 million.

Thanks goodness a judge recently decided thathe didn’t have to pay $4.2 million on the Las Vegas condo that he and his wife bought back in 2005, that she decided she still wanted to keep.

Maybe there will be an auction in the near future to get some of the money back. Hulk could sell some of the family’s assets which include their Belleaire, Fla., home said to be worth $7.3 million; a second home in Clearwater Beach, Fla., worth $1.9 million; $6.2 million in furniture; $218,685 million in jewelry; a powerboat and five water scooters; 14 cars and trucks, including a Rolls Royce and three Dodge Vipers; and eight two-wheel vehicles, including four Harleys.

He also has $12.9 million dollars in their bank and brokerage accounts which soon could be gone at this rate of womanly spending.

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Photo Credit: wwedaily.com

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