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BB10: Dan Nominates Jerry & Memphis

September 07, 2008 06:59 PM by Ryan Haidet

Dan stares at the sumo wrestler

The Big Brother 10 house was invaded by a former contestant dressed like a gorilla and a contortionist. But first, the final four contestants had to deal with a sumo wrestler who was sitting in their living room.

After Dan won Head of Household, they all came inside to find a large sumo wrestler sitting down with unbroken concentration. They all looked at him in awe since they weren’t sure exactly what was happening. Then he spoke in a foreign language, which was subtitled as saying he was sitting on the information they needed.

As they all stood around and stared as he would stand, lift his leg and do a sumo stretch (for lack of knowledge of what it’s really called!), the viewers were shown an envelope on the stool he was sitting on. Finally, Dan noticed. Dan sat on the couch and waited for the wrestler to rise again. As soon as he did, Dan jumped up and grabbed the envelope.

Sumo is sitting on a clue

He opened it up and read aloud that they were going to get to compete in a luxury competition in which one of them would get a trip out of the house that could change the game.

With Dan’s discovery, the sumo wrestler stood up, bowed and left.

Dan’s HOH room

When it came time to reveal Dan’s HOH bedroom, the final four gathered inside and looked at all of his pictures. Jerry thought Dan looked fat in the pictures and made it perfectly known.

After Dan’s past weight was insulted, he read a letter he received from his mom and dad. They told him how proud they were and what they thought of the other houseguests — Memphis was cool, Keesha cracks them up and Jerry…(whatever that means).

Dan reads his letter from home

Luxury competition

As the houseguests were sleeping, a gorilla snuck into the house and went into the Diary Room. When the head was removed, it was revealed that Jessie, a former contestant, was inside the costume. He put his head back on and ran through the house and woke everybody up. He motioned for them all to follow him outside. Although they were all very tired, they got out of bed and went to the backyard.

Gorilla has fun outside in the luxury competition

Once outside, they saw a ton of statues, figurines, a contortionist and all sorts of other huge props. Most of the props in the backyard meant nothing. But a few of them combined would make up a common phrase that might be correlated to the BB game. Each player was given the chance to take three guesses within a three-hour period. They had to go inside the Diary Room and submit their guesses when they thought of one. Of course, Jerry wasted his guesses on nothing. Keesha thought she had something, but her guesses were void, too. After the gorilla began covering up some of the props that didn’t mean anything, only two were left. One was a blueberry, the other was a hatching egg with the word “IT” written on it.

One of the parts to the luxury competition answer.

Dan went to the Diary Room and guessed the phrase, “Bury the hatchet.”

The buzzer rang to signal the end of the competition. That’s when Jessie the gorilla did some of his poses and made a noise they all were familiar with. Dan was like, “Wait, was that Jessie?” When they got back inside, one of the gorilla hands was under Jessie’s picture. They couldn’t believe it was him that whole time. For three full hours dancing around in front of them and nobody knew it was Jessie.

Dan wins the trip

After the contest was over, it was revealed that Dan got it right. In the Diary Room, a letter told him he had won a private helicopter ride to a private island for one night. The twist was that he could take one other person — somebody still playing the game or one of the jury members. After some fast thoughts, Dan chose to take jury member Michelle since her trip to Hawaii was taken away in a Veto competition several weeks ago. He hoped that would nab him a vote if he made it to the final two.

He went outside to tell the house what he had won, but he didn’t tell them he chose to take Michelle. He stretched the truth and said that he could either go alone or take one of them with him, which he said he was just going alone.

But Jerry didn’t seem convinced by it. He thought it was weird that Dan didn’t take Memphis because they are such close friends.

Hiding an alliance

Before the nominations, Dan and Memphis (the Renegades) strategized to try and figure out the best way to hide their alliance. Memphis said it would be smart to have himself nominated.

Dan getting ready for his Renegade nominations

So at the nomination ceremony, Dan revealed that he nominated Memphis and Jerry for eviction. And it worked. The two others said in confessionals that maybe Memphis and Dan aren’t as close as they thought. Jerry thought Memphis was upset at Dan for it. Keesha thought that Dan was possibly considering keeping her around.

Tune in to a special live episode Tuesday night at 8 PM (special time) to find out who gets evicted and who makes it into the final three.

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