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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Dan is back from luxury trip

September 07, 2008 08:09 PM by Britteny Elrick

Dangot to escape life in theBig Brotherhousetoday. Heand Michelle got to ride on a helicopter to a private island paradise. Althoughthe others were left bored andbeach-less, hebrought back some rocksfor them to enjoy…?

Dan talks about how he flew over all the beautiful houses in California and the Hollywood hillssign, etc. They flew him over the club where Memphis works and apparently the owner of the island is also the owner of Wrigley Field. He tells them that when he arrived, there were two seats but no one showed up. Of course, he doesn’t tell them Michelle was there, and he says he was kind of lonely. He says he is afraid to go back into the real world now. He brought them some sand, seaweed, and three rocks.

Dan and Memphis talk again about evicting Keesha and it appears that is what they will do. They agree that she is a quick thinker and it would be smarter to keep Jerry. Dan is scared of making such a huge decision. They make fun of the fact that Keesha is freaking out and keeps asking Dan if Memphis is going to vote her out. Dan says he has been reassuring her that he would tell her if he thought she was leaving. He also tells her that he would fight for her to stay.

Jerry is pissed at Dan and calls him a bow-legged little sh*t. He keeps wanting to talk to Memphis about final two stuff, and Memphis tells him later on. Jerry reminds him that he helped save Memphis, and says that he will not falter on his committment. Jerry says after they get rid of Keesha they can get rid of that SOB Dan.

Dan and Memphis think that Keesha knows what is going on and they think they should warn her about what they are going to do. They think it is the least they could do. Memphis wants Jerry to offer him some money. Then they go over all the facts that BB has been telling them. [earlier they said that 7" records used to be played at 45 revolutions/min] Dan asks Keesha if she will shave his neck and she saysthats what she’s always wanted to do – but Memphis saves her.

Later on, Keesha, Dan, and Memphis talk up in the HOH. Keesha talk some more about how she feels bad for Jerry. Dan says they’ve actually been pretty nice by talking to him at all. They talk about previous HG again, and Keesha is upset that Dan thought April and Angie were prettier than her. He says it’s because he didn’t see her that much. They talk about the final three and who would get votes. Dan doesn’t think he’s get Michelle’s [hopefully the trip will change her mind]. Keesha thinks she would get Ollie’s vote but not Aprils, and Memphis says April and Ollie will vote together no matter what.

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