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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: “Don’t even think about it Memphis.”

September 08, 2008 04:32 PM by Britteny Elrick

As the houseguests sit and wait for the live eviction, they take some time to reflect on the good times and the bad in the Big Brother house. They talk strategy and tape goodbye messages and diary room sessions for the big night… but in the midst of everything, isBig Brother starting to boss Memphis around?

Memphis tries to con Jerry out of his four grand. He tells Jerry that he is concerned about him taking Dan to the finals instead of him, so he asks for some money as collateral. Jerry says no. Jerry says the money is for his kids and he will not give it, but he will swear on everything he has. Memphis says he has broken his word before, and Jerry says everyone has.

Memphis asks if it’s because he doesn’t trust him and Jerry says that he just wants to give it to his family. Jerry also tells him that if he goes home and Memphis is in the finals, he will guarantee he gets the jury votes. [of course, because Jerry controls the universe.]

All of the houseguests seem very confused about their diary room sessions and good-bye messages. It seems that they are being asked strange questions. Big Brother puts them on lockdown, as they build something in the backyard. They all talk about their regrets in the house and what life will be like when they get out. They talk about marriage and Dan and Memphis agree they will marry their girlfriends, but they need to be financially ready first. Memphis comes out of the diary room and swears to Dan that Big brother told him not to let Keesha know they are evicting her!

There hasn’t been a veto ceremony yet… they realize it’s because it will be a live eviction show on Tuesday. Jerry keeps telling Memphis they have to fight their @sses off in the HOH. They keep going over all the phrases Big Brother has been saying to them in the mornings. Their house has also changed and some things are moved around or missing, so they study that. Dan gets his camera and takes his HOH pictures.

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