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High School Musical Get In The Picture: The Winner Is…

September 08, 2008 07:13 PM by Paulene Hinds

Stan Carrizosa

Tonight on High School Musical: Get in The Picture, the four remaining teens competed to win the grand prize of a recording contract with Disney records for two digital singles, a music video to be included in the end credits of the High School Musical 3 Feature Film and an exclusive talent deal with ABC.

The show began withall twelve of the kids coming out on stage, singing, “We’re All In This Together.”


Nick Lachey congratulated them all on their great work over the past weeks and then introduced Kenny Ortega Director and Choreographer of the High School Musical craze.

He would be making the final decision tonight on who would be chosen to GET IN THE PICTURE and he was very specific on what he was looking for. He said that he is looking for someone with heart, imagination, a generous spirit and a willingness to do the work.

HSM finale

Nick then introduced the faculty who worked tirelessly over the past weeks teaching the kids the skills they would need to be stars and having the task of chosing each week who would go to the faculty.

He also introduced Ashley Tisdale aka Shapay, who told the kids that they were amazingly talented and to keep following their dream as anything could happen.

The four remaining kids then sang a medley of songs from the first two High School Musical movies.

HSM finale

After they were finished Nick asked the faculty members to give their input on how the kids performed. Chris Prinzo said,”You guys really lit up the stage and I saw an energy out there that definately said, star quality!”

Rob Adler commented, “The hardest part about being ateacher is that you work yourself right out of a job and it is amazing how you have really grown together as artists, congratulations.”

Kenny Ortega said, “I just want to say, with all the pressure that you could be feeling–and probably should be feeling right now–representing the best of young people all over this country–I thought that you brought a spirit and a joyfullness to this music that honoured it and I am very impressed right now, thank you very much!”

Nick then asked Kenny Ortega for the cast list and the final four then became the final three when Christina was sent to the chorus.

Christina said that this experience has helped her grow both as a performer and as a person and then she thanked the faculty.

Nick then told the audience that before the chorus left the school they were asked to make a very important decision. Rob Adler asked the kids to decide who they thought had grown the most during their time with the chorus. The person that they choose would have a very important role in the finale.

A few of the kids voted for Ether and said that he had come out of his shell since being a part of the chorus, but in the end, Anthony won the vote for growing the most, even getting Shayna’s vote and a big hug!

Anthony then came out on stage and shone in a solo performance of the song, “Forever Young.”

HSM finale

The final three were then asked to sing a solo for the faculty and Kenny Ortega.

Stan sang, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” making the girls cry, especially his sister when he gave her a big hug during his performance. He said it was amazing to perform on stage and felt great about it.

Jen Malenke commented, “that performance for me– I don’t think that I have ever seen you do that. You owned that stage. We were a little worried, whether you could be a front man and you just proved us wrong. It was incredible!”

Kenny thought, “clearly you love what you do, clearly you’re having the time of your life, clearly this is your moment and you are shining my man!”

After Tierney performed, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” Montre Burton stated, “Congratulations Tierney, amazing, amazing, amazing! We know that you have the talent and you have everything and there is still a little confidence issue in there, and we can still see it. You have to find a way to let that go, you got it, you are absolutely fantastic! Good job!”

HSM finale

Kenny Ortega then said, “You have all the dynamics–my darling, to be a major superstar. That was brilliant.”

Last, but not least, was Isaiah singing, “Live Like You Were Dying.” When he finished Tiana Brown said, “I found you in your hometown, and I was like–man this kid has energy, and you still do and you are rising to the occasion and you know what you are doing and if you stay confident and you just commit to it–you will be fine.”

HSM finale

Kenny made the comment to Isaiah, “You’ve got a natural born talent and I know for sure there is a light waiting for you on Broadway, my friend.”

Kennythen handed the cast list to Nick Lachey and Isaiah was going to the chorus, while Stan and Tierney would be going head to head for the grand prize.

Isaiah said that he had no complaints and that this has been the best experience of his life and he knows that there is a career for him.

Nick Lachey then sang one of his singles on stage for the audience before the final showdown. Before he came out to sing, he joked that the audience would like the nextsinger–well at least his mother does! He was introduced by Anthony.

The final showdown took place on stage with Stan and Tierney going head to head, hoping to accomplish their individual dreams by working together as a team. They sang a song from the High School Musical 3 soundtrack that would launch one performers music career and be their first single with Disney records.

Stan and Tierney sang the song, “Just Getting Started” as they prepared to take the big step to stardom.

After they finished the song, Regina Williams said, “Tonight you guys were electrifying, I am so proud of you!”

Kenny then made the last comment, “So often I am asked, what is it about High School Musical that has made it into this global phenomina and one answer that I always give is that we cast it correctly. They all make each other bigger–you make each other bigger. I want to work with both of you–your amazing independently, your amazing together, thank you so much.”

Nick then asked Kenny for the final cast list that had just one name on it. The winner of High School Musical: Get in The Picture is…STAN!

Get all your High School Musical: Get In THe Picture news here and come chat about the show on our message boards! Then to get more information visit SirLInksAlot: Reality TV.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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2 Responses to “High School Musical Get In The Picture: The Winner Is…”

  1. Lilian Says:
    December 22nd, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    I reallly wished Tierney won this award cos 4 me she is the best.I LUV U TIERNEY

  2. Annan taylor joseph Says:
    May 10th, 2011 at 7:51 am

    To me,they should have given it to isaiah because he was superb.


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