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America’s Got Talent Starts The March To The Top Ten

September 09, 2008 07:24 PM by DA Southern


America’s Got Talent begins a three night stay, 10 acts tonight, 10 tomorrow and a results show on Thursday as we desperately try to get the Top 20 down to the Top 10 and completely into America’s hands as soon as possible.  Jerry Springer once again introduced the judges, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff as the seemed even more ready to be as brutal as possible to the acts as they indicated to Jerry.  Our first order of business was to learn the fate of five of the acts from last Wednesday and then we will be off as we see who is truly capable of staying into the finals…and more importantly, not being buzzed by the judges.

With the pressure even more intense than ever, Jerry broke the hearts of five acts fairly quickly as we saw Nuttin But Stringz into the Top 20, sending the sister-act, Indigo home and little Kaitlyn Maher sent Flambeaux out of the competition once and for all.  The very talented, Eli Mattson, was a shoe in over the Tina Turner wanna-be, Dorae Saunders, and the last pick that America got to make saw Donald Braswell sending the Dallas Desperado Dancers, well, back to Dallas.  In the judges pick,  Brian Cheatham and the Tapping Dads faced off as the judges decided who was going home.  After a bit of deliberation, Piers started off picking The Tapping Dads to go home.  Sharon disagreed with Piers sending the final vote to David, who finally picked The Tapping Dads in a bit of a shocker.


With the acts performing tonight, all that are fairly decent, it will simply come down to who out-performs the pack.  The drumming group, The Cadence, was definitely an underdog in the group as they will be fighting to impress Sharon, especially, so they can stay in the competition.  They left it all out on the stage as they seemed to bring a new intensity to the AGT stage, but would it be enough to impress.  The good news..they didn’t get buzzed by Piers and he thought they were great saying they could play in Vegas.  Sharon agreed and said they have grown and knew they would be back.  The Hoff said that they proved him wrong because they were so good tonight.

Queen Emily was next to rock our socks off as we saw a quick review of her journey to the Top 20, saying that just a few weeks ago she was cooking dinner for her kids, now she was living a dream.  She started out at center stage singing with a quiet confidence and performed as if she had been doing it on a big stage for decades.  Then she hit the high notes and the audience was eating out of her hand for the rest of her performance.  Piers said that she was extraordinary and Sharon said that she can’t wait to see her in the finals, so we could hear a whole song.  David said that he was glad to sharing her dream with her and even Jerry added that America has fallen in love with a Queen once again.  Good line, Jerry.


The Wright Kids, who Jerry said had been performing for tips at restaurants, were now getting used to being in the spotlight as they prepared to stretch themselves a bit with a Jackson Five song, Rockin Robin.  The kids seemed to have fun as the oldest Wright boy got the crowd all wound up with his enthusiasm and the other two seemed to be enjoying the journey a bit more too.  Piers said the singing was better than last week and overall said that he was the best he had seen them.  Sharon agreed with Piers and said that they surprised her and The Hoff added that they took the stage like a pro.

The James Gang, who barely scraped through to the Top 20 because of a rough performance decided that they did not want to go back to singing in the subway again.  The boys seemed to go back to their roots with, Hit The Road Jack, which had Piers saying that the vocals were off tonight.  Sharon said that they had gone backwards since auditions and David said that they had amazing talent but that they needed to be tighter as a group.


Daniel Jens, the soldier who first performed in uniform, said that he was living his dream and wanted to not enlist again.  The first buzz of the night cam from Piers as Daniel seemed to waver as he began his vocals.  Piers said that purely as a singer, he didn’t think Daniel compared to the others and should go back to serving his country.  Sharon thought he did really well with the song and that he belonged here.  David said that yes, it was a competition, but it is all about heart, as well, and Daniel had heart.

The Zooperstars, Piers worse nightmare, vowed to not fall off the stage again and wanted to prove Piers wrong with their crazy act.  Piers immediately buzzed them because he just doesn’t like them and said as much as he said America needs to look into her soul and decide not to vote them through and Sharon said they were funny at first but not so much any more.  David said that he thought they have reached the end of the road, but that the kids like them.

Neal E. Boyd once again wanted to prove to America that he belonged in the finals as we saw him inspire the crowds with his voice and said that the only thing missing was his mom, who couldn’t afford a plane ticket…until tonight.  Neal dedicated the song to his Mother  and started a bit slow but gradually picked up steam as he began to be the Neal E. Boyd we have grown to love in the competition.  Piers said that we are seeing a major star developing tonight and had a brilliant chance of winning AGT.  Sharon, who was visibly moved by his performance, said he looked and sounded like a superstar.  David said he wondered if  could Vegas could support an Opera singer and decided that it could indeed.

Small town girl, Jessica Price, who we have seen start to come out of her shyness a bit, was now confident that she can have it all.  Definitely not wanting to go home, Poor Jessica got buzzed by Sharon before Jerry even finished announcing her, which had to be a mistake…Piers probably did it being a wise guy!  Jessica seemed a bit shaken by the buzz but continued on like a trooper, until Piers gave her a final buzz.  What was up with that?  Piers said that the performance was a “Bit Cheesy” with no real passion.  Sharon said she wanted her to be more sassy and David said that she has much more talent than the song choice showed and hoped that she would be voted back.


One of the final dance troupes, Extreme Dance FX, had probably some of the most pressure because of the nature of their clogging act really stepped it up…or should I say…clogged it up with a rousing routine done to a Hip-Hop beat that really was fantastic.  Piers said that they did a great job and that the group leader would take them to Vegas.  Sharon said they were sexier than River Dance and David said he wanted more grit and hoped they would be back.

Last year’s winner, Terry Fator, came out and announced that this year’s winner will be appearing at the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas starting on October 17th with some surprises as well.  Terry then announced that he would be back on Wednesday night to perform on the AGT stage once again.


The final act, Sinatra crooner, Paul Salos, wrapped up the night by doing his trademark routine and hope that America was ready to have another Frank Sinatra back on the strip of Vegas.  Paul announced that his song tonight will bring two worlds together as he had been a pilot for over 40 years.  Singing Come Fly With Me in a very shaky voice at first, Paul finally seem to catch a bit of a stride as best he could as he was surrounded by pretty girls at the end.  Piers said it was a weak performance from him and Sharon said it was a light-hearted performance anyway and David added that he didn’t have as much chemistry as before but he loved him anyway.

It will be a tough Thursday as many of the acts did a fairly respectable job tonight and it might be hard to decide among the bunch.  There are a few who may me more apt to go than others but it will be a hard mission for America to kick out five from the bunch.

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Photos Courtesy of NBC

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