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BB10: Keesha Evicted

September 09, 2008 07:26 PM by Ryan Haidet

Keesha evicted

The Big Brother house erupted with emotion as the four remaining players competed in the final Power of Veto and evicted one more.

Dan’s nominations were used to hide his “Renegade” alliance with Memphis. By nominating his ally, they wanted to convince Jerry and Keesha that the two weren’t as close as it seemed. And it worked. Keesha said that she thought maybe Dan wanted to keep her until the end. Jerry thought Dan had made a commitment to Keesha. The two Renegades had the others right where they wanted them. Even Memphis thought it was going too perfectly.

Dan thought it was going well, too, because whoever won the POV would cast the sole vote to evict. If Memphis won, he could save himself and make the decision. But if Jerry or Keesha won, Dan didn’t think it would matter since they both could be influenced.

Dan goes to the beach

That’s right. After Dan won the luxury competition, he won a helicopter ride to a private beach. He was given the option of taking one of the remaining players or a jury member. He chose Michelle.

Dan got taken out of the house, went into a limo and boarded a helicopter. When he landed on his private beach, he couldn’t have been more excited. Michelle arrived having no idea who selected her to go. When she saw Dan, she couldn’t believe he picked her. Dan said she never got to see his charming side, so he was going to work his magic. Over dinner and a bottle of wine, Michelle said that she felt Dan was working on her for a vote. She also told him that she was very upset about getting backdoored. He tried to explain his side, and she appeared to be having a good time with him.

The two went swimming and kayaking before going their separate ways. Did Dan win her over? We’ll find out if he makes it to the end.

Final POV competition

Out in the backyard, the final four gathered to battle it out for the most vital POV yet. On a pyramid-like structure, 10 steps were in front of each player with two clues on each side of the steps. Those clues corresponded to one player in the Big Brother house. All they had to do was place the person’s name on the step and hit their buzzer. If they got it right, the name would light up and they’d then move on up to the next level. The first to get all 10 would win.


Dan had a very early lead and when he was nearly done, he saw that Memphis wasn’t too far behind. So he started slowing down to give Memphis a shot at winning. Why? So Memphis would have to get on somebody’s bad side by casting the sole eviction vote. And with his delays, Dan let Memphis win — his plan was going exactly as he hoped.

Keesha targeted

After the two Renegades met in the HOH bedroom, they realized that the final competitions would be easier to win if Keesha were gone. So, it was agreed that she would be the next one to go.

Memphis schemes

Moments later, Keesha was in the HOH bedroom and told them that her fate lied in their hands yet again. They all kind of laughed it off.

But while she was downstairs painting her toenails, something made her realize that she was their target. She went straight upstairs and asked if they were going to evict her. The Renegades kind of laughed it off and denied it. She told them that she could tell by their looks and if they were going to evict her, that she just wanted to be told.

She started getting upset and said that the person who votes her out would not get her vote in the end. She also vowed to persuade the other jury members to vote against the person who took her out. She couldn’t believe her two allies were taking Jerry to the end.

Later, Keesha met with Dan and he said he was working to keep her in the house. It was Memphis, according to Dan, that wanted her gone so badly. Keesha promised Dan that he had her vote because there was no way she could give $500,000 to the person who ousted her.

Only three remain

At the live POV ceremony, Memphis used the medallion to save himself, which put Keesha on the nomination couch next to Jerry.

Right after, the two nominees were given the chance to plead their case. Jerry, having been on the chopping block four times now, said that he’d like to stay in the game because it’s been a great ride so far. Keesha was a tad more upset. She said there was nothing for her to say to Memphis. So she only addressed Dan. She turned and thanked him for being there for her this week.

Memphis then stood and said his decision was hard, but his game was about business. He chose to evict Keesha.

She grabbed her belongings and said her goodbyes. As she left, Dan whispered in her ear and gave her a duck with a message on the bottom.

She walked out of the house to cheers from the live audience. In her exit interview with host Julie Chen, she revealed that Dan whispered to her that he had taken Michelle to the beach getaway. As for the message on the duck, it simply said, “HOT.”

Keesha also said she knew she was the target when Jerry was acting too calm. She said he usually gets flustered when things turn against him, so that’s when she knew it was going sour for her.

Part one of the final HOH

In the backyard, the three final houseguests stood on mini airplanes that rose up and down with wind and water blowing in their faces. The last person standing would move on to round three of the HOH competition.

Memphis competing in the final HOH

If you want to know who has won the first part of the HOH competition, at the time of this writing, it recently ended. Click here to find out who outlasted the others.

Hard to believe that just one week from now, the jury will crown the BB10 champion.

First two images courtesy of CBS.

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