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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: HOH Part 1 is over!

September 09, 2008 07:01 PM by Britteny Elrick

Tonight’s Big Brotherepisode left us with Dan, Memphis, and Jerry battling it out in a three-part final HOH competition. Each contestant is standing atop the wings of their own plane, which was suspended in the backyard.They are hanging onto two ropes as the planes move up and down and they are beinghit withintermitten blasts of dust and wind. Find out which houseguest was able to fly past round two and in tothe finals…

As you may have guessed, Jerry was the first to be out. He didn’t last more than a half an hour.

After every gust of wind, Dan sparatically says things to Memphis like, “You know what they say on the St. Mary’s football team? If it ain’t rough it ain’t right, so guess what Memphis?It’s gonna be a long night.” Memphis doesn’t say a word. Later on he yells, “I bet you wish you had on Jerry’s windbreaker.” Dan also yells out that he loves his fans and wants to hang out when he gets out of there.

After about an hour, the planes started turning on their sides. Dan keeps talking to himself and saying “Focus. When the plane moves back, I move forward.” Memphis just stares at the ground. Finally, Memphis falls to the ground. He’s very upset and just lays there for a few minutes.

DAN WINS!!! Dan finally gets down. They give eachother a half-hearted handshake and don’t talk. Jerry tries to encourage Memphis, but he goes inside to unpack his suitcase. Jerry leaves, and Dan says to himself, “I did it.One more to go.”

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