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Milllion Dollar Listing Gets the Girl and Sells Big Houses!

September 09, 2008 10:00 PM by Lisa Stauber

Million Dollar Listing finishes the season tonight, and all the big questions will be answered. Will Chad and Victoria move in together? Will Josh decide to stay in the business? Can Madison woe Lauren back? And will there be blood when Josh and Chad have a photo shoot together?

“To me, it’s about relationships,” Chad says. “The bond that I have with my clients, no agent can penetrate.” Chad’s got an exclusive client, Judith, who is a friend of Chad’s boss, Rick Hilton. She’s an independently wealthy political activist, and wants tight security. She has her eye on a 4 bedroom, 3200 sq. ft. Malibu mansion that lists for $6.7 million. Judith makes a full price offer immediately, trying to get it into escrow before it hits the MLS.

Josh, meanwhile, is tired of his clients. “There’s just days when I feel like quitting,” he says. He’s meeting with a friend, Miguel, who wants to flip houses. Miguel is planning a 20,000 sq. ft. house with a private 4,000 sq. ft. club. Josh thinks he should build it on a larger tract of land. “Why not, if I’m going to make more profit?” Miguel says.

Madison has gotten his first double digit listing, who wants to sell his home for $15 million. His private celebrity client has 22 acres zoned for up to a 22,000 sq. ft. home. Madison has hired a professional photographer to shoot the land; the only improvements on the lot is a foundation. “Someone needs to see this land and envision their dream home,” Madison says, as he plans his marketing strategy.

Chad has a photographer of his own, having his picture taken for a local lifestyle magazine. Madison is shooting for the same article. Josh shows up late, and gets under Chad’s skin. Josh is gossipping to the makeup artist, and Chad tells the rest of the staff that Josh just needs to grow up. The threesome have a cover shot together, and Madison knows there’s bound to be a scene.

It’s time for a sit down with the journalist, who wants to know what is so hard about their job. “There’s a lot of emotion involved,” Madison says, “Our job is to remove the emotion.” Chad chimes in, “We all try to work together.” The journalist wants to know what happens when differences occur, and Chad brings up his client who barred Josh from viewing the Sierra Towers. Josh calls him a liar, and Chad claims he’s seen 35 e-mails that Josh sent to Chad’s client. The journalist sits back and lets them have at each other. “It’s embarrassing to be sitting here,” Madison says as he’s caught in the middle. “They both look petty.”

After the journalist leaves, Josh demands to see the emails. Chad’s fully prepared with printouts. “Oh, I remember this schmuck!” Josh says, and Chad calls him disrespectful. They exchange words. “I wasn’t lying,” Chad says. “Chapter closed.”

Madison gets rewarded for sitting through the drama, and gets Josh and Miguel to look at his premiere Beverly Hills tract. “I knew it was not right for me,” Miguel says. He wants an ocean view and city lights, but Josh wants him to take it. Josh is fed up with Chad and Miguel, and decides to get out of town.

Judith comes to Chad’s parents house to draw up an offer, and Chad’s mom, a chef, has whipped up her favorite cake to celebrate. Chad carefully walks her through every detail, because Judith is a first time homebuyer.

Josh is depressed, and his grandma comes to wake him up. She advises him to hop in the car and drive up the beach looking for land. They take a horse-drawn carriage ride together, and he tells her that he’s thinking of getting out of real estate.

Judith’s offer was accepted, and Chad’s on hand to walk Judith through the inspections. The inspector says there is no air conditioning, even though the setup sheet says there is central AC. The other agent tries to smooth things over, and promises to speak to the seller about installing something.

Two more agents come out to see Madison’s 22 acre tract. The agents question the price, but it’s the only property with that amount of acreage and is difficult to compare. The agents aren’t pleased, though. “It’s the biggest listing of my career,” Madison says, and he wants to share his work frustrations with his lost love, Lauren.

Chad’s contacted contractors on his own to get a ballpark figure of the repairs needed to Judith’s dream house, and it needs $151,000 worth of work. Judith decides to ask for that amount be taken off the offer, and also demands that AC be installed by the seller. Chad talks to the selling agent, but the seller says no-go and the deal is falling apart. Terms are finally agreed on, though, and Chad finally sells a property!

Josh takes a trip to New York City with his grandmother. “My grandma’s my best friend,” he says. “New York was a nice break. I’m ready to go home and sell some houses.”

It’s decision time for the season finale. The agents all need to tie up their loose ends – Chad with Victoria, Madison and his true love, and Josh and his quarter-life crisis. Victoria meets up with Chad for lunch, and asks if he would stay at her place instead of moving into his place. “Yeah!” he says. “I just want to be with her!” He closes the deal for Judith and plans to celebrate in a big way, with a chartered helicopter ride over Los Angeles.

Madison convinces Lauren to come for lunch, and cooks for her. He’s decided they can be just friends, but hasn’t decided whether he wants to be with a man or a woman. Josh has found a property for Miguel, and it’s just across the street. It’s twice as much as Miguel was planning to pay, but he decides to put in an offer. Josh is excited about real estate again, and he should be – he stands to make $750,000 in commission on the deal!

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Photos courtesy Bravo.

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