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America’s Got Talent Comes Down To A Tough Decision For America

September 10, 2008 08:09 PM by DA Southern


America’s Got Talent decided to shake things up a bit with Jerry starting out in the AGT control room telling us that the remaining ten acts were going to battle it out for a place in the Top 10 as “One winner, One nation on AGT.” Last year’s winner, Terry Fator, would be performing to give the potential winner a chance to envision what their future would be like as well as we settled into another interesting night on AGT.

With a quick recap of last night’s acts, we saw an interesting blend of good and great and the acts that will perform and why they want to win. (Would we expect any NOT to at this point?) Jerry greeted the judges Piers, Sharon and David and the toughest judge, the audience as he quizzed the judges about last night’s performances and we saw what it will be like for the winner as a Headliner on the Strip.

Terry Fator gave us an outstanding performance as he showed his stuff and why he went on to become one of the biggest names on the Vegas Strip with his various puppets that have become just as big as Fator has…hey, wait a minute…they are him, I mean, he is them…Oh, never mind.

previous winner terry-fator

The first act of the night was a group of dance teachers, SickStep, who barely scraped by during the elimination and decided not to let their families and friends down with their routine. The boys came from different part of the audience with flashlights as they danced a happy routine to what sounded like a Michael Jackson song and seemed to have a great connection with the audience. Piers, who actually buzzed the group, said that he was going to buzz performers who do not get better. Sharon thought they had great energy, but wanted to see more from them. David added that he thought they would be voted back but wanted even more attitude.

Donald Braswell, one of America’s favorite, said he was ready to show America that he was not a dated performer and that he could connect to audiences. He came out singing the most popular song from The Phantom of the Opera, Music of the Night, and knocked it out of the park sounding confident and looking dashing. Piers did not buzz him and said that he started to hate the sight of him because he gets better and better and that the judges were wrong. Sharon wanted an up-tempo song and David said that “He took his breath away” with his singing.


Joseph Hall, our young Elvis lad, hopefully would bring a better performance than last week, or the King really will be dead…and he knew it. Piers thought the pressure of the competition may be getting to him and Sharon thought that he may have lost his intensity. Joseph was decked out in Elvis-white jump suit and sang “Suspicious Mind.” Piers was heard saying to Sharon that it “Was better” after the performance and said that “Elvis was back in the building.” Sharon said that it was great fun and David added that he sounded so much like Elvis tonight that he thought it was a tract.

The Taubl family, the Von Trapp-like singers, came out with a new song and and said they were fighting for a chance to be Vegas performers. They family sang a very mature performance unlike any they had done to date, which got a buzz from Piers because it was a little more out of character for them. Piers said that he buzzed them because the first half was boring, but better in the second half. Sharon disagreed with Piers but said it did start slowly and David said that their power is in the family so stick with it.

Sarah Lenore took the stage next and was lauded by Sharon as a shoe-in for the Top 10 if she sings with power and conviction and doesn’t try to shout too much. Sarah came out surrounded by a bunch of male dancers singing “Bleeding Love” and seemed a little off at first but managed no to get buzzed off by Piers. Piers thought it a “Brave” song choice but thought a country song is better for her. Sharon said that she did not make the song her own and David said America had to vote her back to sing a better song.


Nuttin But Stingz, the dynamic violin players from New York who dedicated their performance to their cousin, came out with a new dedication and purpose and wailed on the fiddles like no other performance and had the audience on their feet. Hip-Hop has never been so cool. Piers said that they bring two culturally different worlds together and that it was incredible. Sharon said that they have to come back next week and that if America did not vote them through, it would be an injustice. David said he had four words; “Nuttin but the finals.”

The youngest competitor, Kaitlyn Maher, wanted to look at more of the audience and wanted to make a lot of people smile with her song tonight. Of course a Disney song from Beauty and the Beast was on tap and actually for a four-year old, she did pretty darn good. Not sure if she has the chops to make it much farther as the acts have been good tonight, but she definitely has a future. Piers said she always remembers the words but that he didn’t know if she was ready for the big time. Sharon said she sang beautifully and had her to say “Cheer up, Kelly” for her daughter and David said that she has brought America together with her talent

The Tapping Dads, who can thank David Hasselhoff for their fate in the competition, but not liked by Piers, decided to not dance for Piers but for the daughters of America. The dads came out with a bundle of energy and and managed to stay off of the “Piers Morgan Buzzing Block” for the first time. Piers said that a strange thing happened; that he didn’t buzz them because of their spirit. Sharon said they are getting better and would be fantastic in Vegas and David said that he was glad he didn’t buzz them off last week.


Eli Matson, one of the most thoughtful acts in the competition, said he was just humbled by the chance and decided to take a risk with his next song. The guy shows his talented with every note he plays on the piano and seems to be devoid of the flash of many of the acts. Piers said he could sing anything and said that he would buy an album of his tomorrow. Sharon said that he sounded great but needed to watch his lower register and David agreed and said that he sang with such conviction.

The final act of the evening saw the fire-throwing Baton-Twirler, Jonathan Burkin, who David Hasselhoff called the best Baton-Twirler in the world, using his batons and pin-ball machines to the song “The Pin Ball Wizard.” Jonathan continued to amaze and delight as it is definitely not your daddy’s Baton-Twirling. Piers worried about his talent as it compared to the rest of the acts tonight. Sharon said he was great and David was confident that he would indeed be voted back next week.


Tomorrow night will be the bloated results show…and I say that with all of the love I can muster because we have seen five acts be taken out in mere minutes in the last couple of weeks. So stay with RTM and we will let you know your Top 10 tomorrow night.

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Photos Courtesy of NBC

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