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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Three’s a crowd.

September 10, 2008 04:13 PM by Britteny Elrick

A mixologist, a Catholic school teacher, and a really grumpy, old guy wearing a red shirt walkinto the Big Brother house… and what do you get? The final three!!! What in the world could they possibly be doing all day, considering two of them are avoiding each other like the plague…

Memphis tells Dan he is going to try to get Jerry to throw the next part of the HOH competition. Memphis asks him what he whispered to Keesha as she was walking out the door and he says he asked her about Renny’s vote and told her to go finish it for him [lies from the pit of hell!] They come up with a signal for the second half of the competition. Apparently there will be a black and red bandana. If they are separated and one of them wins against Jerry they are to come back and wear the red one. Dan tells him not to go fooling around and wear black if he won, and Memphis says he’s not the one in the house who plays games. They are planning on being angry with each other all week as to try to encourage Jerry not to try so hard.

Jerry tells Memphis that although they didn’t hit if off in the beginning, he has alot of respect for him. Memphis returns the sentiment and says that is why they have gotten so far. Jerry goes on to say how Dan has had a deal with Keesha all along and that if Memphis hadn’t have won all those POV’s then he would have been out. Jerry is ignoring Dan.

Dan has a toy plane that he calls the “Jerry Plane.” He is playing with it around the memory wall, he starts making crash noises and says, “eject, eject!” Dan tells Memphis that even if one of them is talking to Jerry and the other one comes in, one must leave because they are so mad at each other they can’t even be in the same room. Dan tells Memphis that in his goodbye message he said, “If you’re hearing this then that means Jerry won HOH and voted your @ss out!” They start going over questions, facts, phrases, etc. and Dan reminds Memphis that he has to be the one to win [Dan just doesn't want to be the bad guy]. They try to pinpoint when the next eviction will be.

Jerry talks to Dan a little bit in the spa room. After he leaves, Dan looks at the camera and says, “sucker!” The ROCKY theme has been playing in the house…

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