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Mom Can’t Cope With Dad In Iraq On Supernanny

September 10, 2008 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


This week the Supernanny joins the Martinez Family and tries to bring peace to a home when dad is in Iraq.

Sindo Martinez is a civilian contractor in Iraq and has left his wife Michelle, home alone for five months at a time with her three children; Sindo, 9, Ashely, 7 and Mikey, 6.

The children are very rambunctious and mom is stressed and spends her day on a roller coaster of emotions, waiting for dad to email her and let her know that he has survived another day. She cries frequently, yelling and over reacting to the kids behavior. The kids in return respond to her with anger and uncontrollable behavior.

Her seven year old daughter Ashley throws temper teantrums in public, so mom never takes them out.

Michelle is feeling enormous pressure and is trying to be both mother and father to her children.

Can Jo help these parents and ease some pressure off this new family while dad is absent?

Watch the show tonight at 9 PM ET on ABC and find out.

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Photo courtesy ABC.

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