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Project Runway Loses Two Designers

September 10, 2008 08:35 PM by DA Southern

model-decision heidi has leanne decide

Project Runway gave us a quick recap of last week where we lost Stel-aaa, you know, Lethah-lady, as we saw the designers ready themselves for the next completion. Heidi greeted them in her usual chipper-self and Leanne had to cast aside a losing model from the last competition. Heidi then invited some special guests, the designers who had been eliminated in the competition, who would be participating in the next challenge.

Heidi told them that they had to work with the disgraced designers and told them that they were to be working with the designers to create an avant garde look inspired by an astrological sign from one of the designers in the teams of two.


Korto and Kelli were teamed together, as were Kenley and Wesley, Joe and Daniel, Leanne and Emily, Blayne and recently kicked-off, Stella, Terri, who did not want Keith, but got him anyway, Jerell and Jennifer were paired up together and Suede and Jerry were paired up in the final pairings. The teams got to talking to come up with designs that reflected their signs and then Tim sent them on their shopping excursion.

Terri and Keith were at each other’s throats because Keith was still sore for being sent home…and Terri was usual bitchy self, which did not help. Joe seemed to be working OK with Jerry but Jerry was still whining about whatever he could. Kenley was as boisterous as usual and Leanne and Emily seemed to be keeping to themselves.

Tim was in to check on the teams and was concerned with Jerell’s team because of the fashion-forward of the design. Tim was high on Leanne’s design and not-so-much on Kenley’s design saying that it looked more like a costume. Terri and Keith were next to be grilled by Tim and recognized that the team was not working well together at all. Tim listened to them bitch at each other and finally said, “Make it work.”


Suede was concerned about the time crunch, as was Terri, who decided not to worry about it so much. When they got to the work room on Day 2, they had a not form Heidi saying they would be showing their designs at 8:00 PM to some special guest at a party. Tim was in at 6:30 to say the models were on their way in and said that there would be no more immunity for the challenges. Kenley was saying that her design was the only Avant Garde design.

The party commenced with the designers seeing a bunch of designers from previous seasons who would be judging the designs and they all chatted-up the previous season designers to try to win them over. Some of the designers were having a rougher time than others and it was hard to get a bead on who actually won out. Terri deleted her fur collar that last season’s winner, Christian, hated and many of the others edited as well after the party. Tim sent in the models for the show and we knew we were in for a rough ride with the real judges.

judges Francisco Costa, guest judge, Garcia, Kors and Heidi

With two designers leaving tonight, the pressure is intense as the designs headed down the runway. After the judges were introduced, Kors, Garcia and guest judge, Francisco Costa, Woman’s Creative Director from Calvin Klein, the designs came down the runway in this order; Blayne’s weird one-legged color design, Kenley’s weird arm design thing, Terri’s very unflattering design, Korto, Joe, Jerell, Leanne and Suede.


After the scoring, Korto, Jerell, Leanne and Joe’s Teams were called forward and announced that the winner would come from them. Leaving Blayne’s design, which was hated by the judges, so much that Kors said the model looked like she was “Pooping fabric;” Terri’s costume was called “Voodoo princess from Hell;” Kenley was savaged with her poofy shoulder look; Suede, always referring to himself in the third person, said that he was inspired by…we really don’t know what.

bye bye blayne
The judges hated Blayne, Kenley…oh heck…the lot of them. Heidi announced that Jerell finally got a win out of the challenges, but had no immunity for all of his hard work. As far as the losers go, the oh so colorful, Blayne and Terri were “Auwt” once and for all, which we should have known would happen when Terri was given so much face-time this episode.

bye bye terri

Next week it looks like the “Moms” episode, so THAT should be fun.

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