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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Part 2 of HOH competition is over!

September 11, 2008 11:08 AM by Britteny Elrick

It’s down to the wire in the Big Brother house… and part two of the HOH competition is over!! Find out which two boys will be battling it out on the live show tonight to win HOH and immediately evict someone!

MEMPHIS WON!!!! Dan and Memphis decide to keep the charade up between the two of them. When Jerry goes to the diary room they sneak into the 80′s room and swear on Dan’s cross they won’t screw each other over.

Dan says he wants to be the one who wins HOH, so he can personally send Jerry packing after all the crap he has pulled. They talk about how they will invest their money when they get out of the house and how they want to take a trip [them and their girlfriends] somewhere nice.

Talk turns to jury votes, and they think that between the two of them it is up for grabs. Memphis can’t believe he has gotten this far without being HOH. Memphis says that he really hated having to lie to Keesha, but he has no problem evicting people. Dan says that is the difference between them. Dan says he actually felt bad when Jerry fell in the pool, but Memphis just kept on walking. They talk about how they have had the longest standing alliance ever. They discuss Jerry and talk about how the game is already over. Meanwhile, Jerry sleeps alot and doesn’t say too much….

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