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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Just the two of us…

September 12, 2008 07:12 PM by Britteny Elrick

Aww, isn’t that cute. Only the bromance is left in the Big Brotherhouse, and the fellas aren’t quite sure what to do without all the yelling andnonstop drama. So they tie dye their shirts, and discuss life, love,houseguests, and money.

After evicting Jerry, Memphis tells Dan that he will sleep well tonight. Memphis confides in him that he thinks his sister might have lukemia. They talk about how it was extremely hard to evict Keesha, and Memphis says she was like a sister. Dan says yea right, Memphis checked her out all the time.

Then talk turns to the game and how they wouldn’t have been able to do it without eachother. Dan says that no other alliance has nominated one of their own two times like he did. They were let down that there wasn’t a big twist. They wonder how surprised Jerry was on a scale of 1-10 and Memphis says probably a six. They discuss how Jerry is three times their age and they had to nominated him four times in order to finally get him out. Each of them talk about what they would purchase with the money and Dan says a Ford Escape Hybrid.

They say that they don’t want to watch all the YouTube and internet stuff that is out there about them. Dan just hopes he still has a job when he gets out. They both think they will have some good opportunities though. Memphis says if someone tells him what to do once he gets out, he will flip.

The boys get ready for bed and Dan is concerned about breaking out before next Tuesday. He looks in the mirror and says, “please clear up before next Tuesday…that’s all I ask. If I have to break out like a pizza, that’s fine. Just get me through next Tuesday.” HAHA!

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