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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: There’s No Place Like Home.

September 13, 2008 06:11 PM by Britteny Elrick

The Renegades were subjected to the questioning of the jury members today, which left them with alot to think about in the big, empty Big Brotherhouse. They discuss their questions and where they think the votes will go… so what’s the verdict?

After the jury members asked the boys their questions, theywill remainseparated until the finale. Dan keeps pacing the floor, drinking beer, and talking to himself. He knows that if he doesn’t get Renny’s vote he probably won’t win. He also talks about how he needs either April or Ollie’s vote, but didn’t get to speak with either one of them.

Memphis, on the other hand, seems very relaxed. He’s laying outside drinking beer, eating, and belching.

Again, they discuss who will win. They both determine that it is a toss up. Dan think Memphis will have April and Ollie’s vote for sure, and that Keesha will forgive him. Memphis thinks Dan will get Michelle since he buttered her up on the trip. Dan admits that he threw the last POV for Memphis, and also that he told Keesha about the trip when she was on her way out. Memphis can’t understand why Keesha was so upset with him. He says he offered her final two several times and she never committed so why is she so surprised. He also doesn’t know why Jerry was so mad considering he brought him so far and gave him a shot at the finals.

Dan hopes that Monica isn’t too mad that he let Keesha sleep in his bed so he could get her jury vote. Memphis says that he took a huge hit for Dan by evicting Keesha, and he feels really bad since he realizes Keesha would have kept him. Dan says that he threw every competition up to til the haunted one, and Memphis says he could tell because Dan is a bad actor.

Memphis keeps pushing the idea that they need to start a college clothing line after they get out. Apparently, Dan does websites and graphic design on the side and makes good money at it, and Memphis does marketing. But a clothing line, seriously?

They play Bocce ball, chess, pool, badmitton, and any other sport they can possibly get their hands on. Big Brother gives them some remote control Jaguars. They talk about how much can’t wait to get home and howthey don’t even remember what it’s like to kiss their girlfriends.They keep saying, “Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.”

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