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Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Um, Dan?

September 14, 2008 05:45 PM by Britteny Elrick

The boysaregetting pretty desperate for some entertainmentin theBig Brotherhouse nowadays. They are becoming quite the creative geniuses. Aside from designing what each Big Brother houseguest action figure would look like, they built a track and ramp for their remote control cars and a tin foil football. All of this hard work has taken quite the toll on Dan, so much so that he didn’t wake up til three o’clock today…

Last night, the boys discussed some more of the jury questions. Renny asked both of the boys what they have done for her. Dan apparently said, “not a damn thing.” Jerry asked Memphis what he would have done if he’d of won the final HOH. Memphis says he would have decided in the moment. Keesha asked Dan if he, Jerry, and Memphis were truly in an alliance. They laugh about how many times they have said the name of their alliance during evictions and no one caught on. Memphis thinks he made some kind of record by never winning HOH and making it to the finals.

Dan also laughs about the fact that he was so stupid to think they might take him to Japan for the luxury competition. He talks about his trip with Michelle and what she told him about the jury house. She said April and Ollie lock themselves in their room all day. Apparently, Libra asked Michelle to share a room and she told her, “hell no.” They all have a personal chef and unlimited alcohol.

They talk about how there is nothing they would change about their girlfriends, and keep expressing their excitement of reuniting with them. They refer to it as “quality time.” Memphis reminisces about when he first met his girlfriend in computer class. They were both dating other people at the time, but he switched seats so he could sit by the “prettiest girl he’d ever seen.” They were friends for two years until they started dating.

Later on in the backyard, Memphis is worried about Debbie [their other spider] not getting enough food because she has a shoddy net. They feed some moths to both Ted and Debbie, and Memphis tells her to make a better effing net.

The boys make a tin foil track and a cardboard ramp for their remote control cars. They are so desperate for a new game that theymake afootball out of tin foil too. They discuss past alliances. Memphis expresses his frustrations with Angie and how she wouldn’t warm up to the girls so it made their alliance difficult.

Today, Dan didn’t wake up until three in the afternoon. When he walks downstairs, Memphis says, “You’re alive!” Dan fries up some bacon and the boys realize all their toys are gone. … what ever shall they do?

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