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Big Brother 10: Dan Takes The Prize!

September 16, 2008 08:09 PM by Ryan Haidet

Dan Wins Big Brother 10

After 71 days, 27 competitions and 11 evictions, one person was crowned the winner of Big Brother 10 tonight.  But first, after weeks of holding true to their alliance, Dan and Memphis (the Renegades) made it to the final two and sat before the jury of seven who were ready to cast their ballot keys for a winner.

The six jury members were sitting around outside discussing who they thought would be the last person to join them.  With speculation spanning the spectrum, moments later, Jerry, the oldest player in the game this season, arrived to no fanfare.  They didn’t really care to see him.  “The two evil people are in there,” Michelle said.

Jerry said that the final two players were a force to be reckoned with.  But the other jury members all argued with him because he didn’t target them when he had the chance.  After a short spat, Renny called him a chauvinist pig before calling Memphis insensitive.

Keesha really respected Dan’s game because his best move, she said, was how he got everybody to like him.  But April, of course, disagreed and said that some of his moves were heartless.  She argued in favor of Memphis saying he played people and had a stronger game.  But as Renny pointed out, he never won a single Head of Household.

Jury asks their questions

The seven jury members were then given the chance to ask Dan and Memphis a question.  None of them were really impressive.  Libra asked Dan what his best move was, April asked Memphis why she should vote for him.  Michelle asked Dan to explain to the entire group why he took her on the luxury trip.  He said that he felt it was a way to make amends with her after he had backdoored her earlier in the game.  As for Ollie, he asked Dan why he broke the deal they had made.  Keesha asked Memphis why he picked to keep Jerry in the final three over her.  And Jerry wondered if Dan respected all of the jury members.  Would he honestly say no when he’s seeking their votes?

Those were all fun, but Renny’s was the best.

Memphis is your BB10 runner-up.

She asked Memphis to name one thing he did for her in the game.  He was having a very tough time doing so, but eventually came up with an answer.  “I gave you at least myself…and me.”  HUH?

The keys to victory

One at a time, the jury approached the voting podium and inserted the key with the person’s name they wanted to win inside the box.

After they all secretly cast their votes, the first four evicted houseguests were brought back for a mini reunion.  Having been able to watch the entire season, Brian said that he was proud both Dan and Memphis made it to the end without making the game personal.  He said, however, that it was disappointing to see Michelle’s reaction to Libra after she lost her trip to Hawaii.  He didn’t like how Michelle and April talked about Keesha at the jury house.  Steven said that the way Jerry acted and treated Dan was awful.  As for Angie, apparently the producers didn’t care what she thought because she didn’t even get to talk.

Oh well.

A great moment in tonight’s episode revealed to the houseguests that Dan was America’s Player for one week.  They all laughed through the moments he had to do — especially hugging Jessie for 10 seconds.  Michelle looked shocked, but kept saying she knew it.  Ironic?

And the winner is…

One at a time host Julie Chen pulled the keys out of the ballot box.  After the first four votes, Dan won the $500,000 prize.  He and Memphis walked out of the house for the first time in weeks and came out to a cheering crowd.  Dan’s family ran up and embraced him in hugs as confetti filled the air.

But that’s not all.  Memphis was awarded the second-place prize money of $50,000.  Keesha won America’s vote for favorite juror and nabbed $25,000.  As for the three other votes, Dan had those, too.  He won unanimously.

Keesha wins America\'s vote for $25,000


Congrats Dan!

First three images courtesy of CBS.

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