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The Biggest Loser: Meet The Losers…And We Mean That In A Nice Way

September 16, 2008 07:24 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser begins again as we look forward to Season Six as we have family members this time who look to encourage each other to lose weight. Along the way, each family hopes to become the ones who become less of what they were when they first walked into the Biggest Loser Ranch and the winner of loads of cash and a new life.


With the trainers, Jillian, “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” Michaels and Bob, “I know it hurts but I am saving your life right now,” Harper leading the teams, this looks to be an interesting season as we are all about families this season. This season is so different that Bob and Jillian actually hand-picked their teams and traveled to meet them in their homes to tell them the news.

Bob had taken the married couples to train and Jillian was fully in charge of parents and kids who had become overweight together. Our first stop was in Greenville, SC and Bob’s first husband and wife team, Phil and Amy, who have struggled with their weight as parents and are passing on bad habits to their kids.

Jillian’s first stop was in Boston as she had a father and son team, Tom and Tom (LT), who both drive taxis and subsequently come from an entire family of overweight folks who seem to relish their overweight status. The family eats big and does not hold back on the fried foods; just the type of people Jillian lives for. It’s funny how excited every one is to be on The Biggest Loser…until they actually go there and start sweating. Richard Simmons this is not!


Bob’s next stop was a husband and wife team, Ed and Heba, who are newlyweds and already in trouble with their weight. Ed, a chef who is hooked on cheese curls and is always feeding his mouth justifies everything he puts in his mouth and Heba realizes that they can’t have kids in the condition they are in. Bob greeted the couple on a big screen TV as they were enjoying what would be one of their last “Bad party foods” days at a local pub.

Jillian was off to Detroit, MI for her next victims…I mean…her next mother and daughter team, Shellay and Amy, who needed her help. Well, she wasn’t actually there but did call them to tell them that they were going to be on the show. It is fortunate that the NBC cameras were there to catch the action of them finding out or we would have never known how excited they were to be on the show.

Bob had a husband/wife team, Vicky and Brady, from Houma, LA who Bob calls a “Classic America Fast-Food Family” to tell them to leave their family and friends to have a chance to get healthy. Brady is concerned for his youngest daughter as she is already showing tendencies for being heavy and the couple want to get healthy for her, as well as for themselves. Bob greeted the family to tell them the news as he brought out their order of donuts they had ordered and it was definitely weird to see Bob with all of those calories on the tray in front of him.


Our next stop was Dallas, TX as we saw Jillian’s next team, a mother/daughter team, Michelle and Renee, who have had strained relationships for the last six years, which Michelle said caused her to “Give up.” The team was notified of what looked to be a local show of some kind as Jillian came from the audience to tell them of their fate and give them their pink T-shirts.

Washington, DC was Bob’s next stop as he greeted a Husband/wife team, Adam and Stacey, a large couple who wanted to make a change in their life and Bob was off to their work to surprise them with the news of them being his green team.


Cleveland, Ohio was Jillian’s next stop as she greeted her final team, a father/daughter team, Jerry and Coleen, who have both seemed to add weight together over the years. Coleen worries that her dad may not be here to walk her down the isle and Jillian, always one for the dramatic, arrived in a police car, sirens blaring, to announce the duo as her yellow team.

The next scene shifts to the Biggest loser Ranch as we saw the Losers arrive for what would be the most grueling and challenging days of their lives. The oh, so lovely, Allison Sweeney, greeted them and asked them if they were ready to inspire a nation. She then led them into the new BL gym where it looked as if there was more equipment than ever before. Down the middle of the gym was a huge yellow line that divided Jillian’s teams from Bobs. Allison then took them to their arch-nemesis, the huge scale that would be either their friend or their foe week after week…and of course, Bob and Jillian waiting to greet them.


The Weigh-Ins:

Michelle (242) and Renee (267) combined weight: 509

Coleen (218) and Jerry (380) combined weight: 598

Amy (239) and Shellay (216) combined weight: 455

Amy (229) and Phil (331) combined weight: 560

Stacey (221) and Adam (340) combined weight: 561

Vicky (246) and Brady (341) combined weight: 587

Heba and Ed (335) combined weight: 629, with Heba being the heaviest woman at 294.

LT (357) and Tom (314) combined weight: 671

Bob and Jillian then took over the task of putting these overweight folks through their paces and one of the best lines of the night came from Ed when he said “It’s a nice gym; I see myself throwing up here a lot.” Jillian was upset that somehow she had become “The nice one” and saw it as her mission to change that perception.


Jillian and Amy were having words because of Amy’s desire to quit and, big Joe, the taxi driver, said that this wasn’t hard but “Extreme” as he was unprepared to experience what he was experiencing. The opening workout was filed with images of the trainers kicking the contestants butts and Bob and Jillian were having no mercy and we got to see Jillian at her best…essentially, when she is pissed.

As we approached our first challenge, the first treadmill incident of the season happened when our policeman, Jerry, was thrown off it. Dr. Huizenga, the show doctor, was seen telling Jerry that he was one of the sickest they have ever had on the show due to his weight. Jillian even said that it was the first time in BL history that the doctor actually pulled her aside to tell her to go easy on a contestant.

In the first competition, the group marched up to meet Alison and overhead, a bunch of crop dusters were carrying banners as to what was at stake for this challenge, including immunity for a couple and a 2 lbs penalty at the weigh-in for some other unfortunate team. The challenge was for the teams to grab a banner and march to a predetermined spot and not be the last ones to arrive; Here is the hitch…it was over a mile on hilly terrain and in blistering heat. After a grueling trek with Jerry and Tom sitting out, Coleen got immunity for her and Jerry and gave Jerry, who had to sit out the competition, a chance to stay another week. The last team to get to the top of the hill and the unfortunate loser, I mean winner, of the 2 lbs extra added on at the weight loss was Brady and Vicky.


Meanwhile back at the ranch…I’ve always wanted to say that…Jillian was giving her teams some instruction on eating and some nifty software that tracked calories burned and we then were taken to the Doctor once again to see the overall status of the team members.

Dr. Huizenga then gave each of the teams the bad news of what would happen if they continued on their current path and what their body’s age was according to how healthy they were. One example was 23 year old LT’s “Inside”age was 49 and 51 year old Jerry’s “Inside” age was 76. It was not pretty overall and it made you want to quit eating altogether, but that is not what this show is all about. In fact, Jillian often yells at her teams for not eating enough. Still it is sobering to watch.


The contestants were struggling at the “Last-chance” work out where the teams had the last chance to lose before the weigh-in. Most of the contestants were shocked that the workout had not gotten any easier but knew that someone would be leaving tonight. One team, Brady and Vicky, were disparately trying to make up for the extra two pounds they had to cough up because of the challenge.

Weigh-In Day:

Alison explained the weigh-in procedure saying that the two teams that lost the lowest percentage of weight would fall below the dreaded yellow line and someone would be going home.

Jerry lost 17 lbs and Coleen lost 10 lbs: total lost: 27 lbs (They had immunity)

Heba lost 12 lbs and Ed lost 17 lbs: Total lost 29 lbs, 4.61%

Michelle lost 17 lbs and Renee lost 14 lbs: Total lost 31 lbs, 6.09%

Lt lost 18 lbs and Tom lost 24 lbs: Total lost 42 lbs, 6.26%

Amy lost 16 lbs and Phil lost 23 lbs: Total lost 39 lbs, 6.96%

Stacey lost 9 lbs and Adam lost 19 lbs: Total lost 28 lbs, 4.99%

Amy lost 17 lbs and Shellay lost 12 lbs: Total lost 29 lbs, 6.37%

Vicky lost 19 lbs and Brady lost 28 lbs but had to add 2 lbs, but still were well within the limits to remain safe: Total lost 47 lbs, 7.67% pushing Heba and Ed and Stacey and Adam below the yellow line.


The teams had an hour to decide who to vote off and, as the remaining teams discussed, it was not clear as which way the prevailing winds were blowing. On one had you had a young team in Ed and Stacey and on the other, Heba and Ed who looked like they needed to really be there and would have a lot to prove by winning it all. As the votes were cast, it looked as it was trending towards the Green Team, Ed and Stacey. As LT’s two votes were called off, he sealed the Green Team’s fate and sent them packing from the ranch.

In the after photos we got to see that Ed and Stacey were committed to losing the extra weight. Stacey is down to 175 lbs from her Ranch weight of 221 lbs and Adam’s 340 weight has dropped to 286 lbs and still going, even to the extent of starting a “Biggest Loser” club at their place of work.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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