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Project Runway Loses One Designer In A Mother/Daughter Challenge

September 17, 2008 08:58 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway is closing out their final season on Bravo as we will see more designers in the final Runway Show than in any previous season. We had a quick recap of the double elimination from last week as we saw Blayne and the oh, so sweet, Terri hit the bricks. One of the final eliminations before the finals begin was about to take place as we saw Kenley wondering why her hideous design was in the bottom last week…you know the one with the puffy sleeves.

Heidi introduced some special ladies to the runway and we were all thinking that this was the “Mother” challenge that we had seen on previous seasons. They were a bunch of mothers, and we mean that in a nice way, but not the designer’s mothers. Theses ladies were going to be co-designers with the remaining group and a funny line was heard by Leanne when she wiped her forehead and said, “Whew…we were glad because nobody wanted to design an old ladies outfit” which probably infuriated the “Old Ladies Union of America,” if there is one.


Heidi then said the ladies had brought their daughters to PR for a head-to-toe makeover from the designers to help them begin new careers. Heidi then introduced the daughters and mothers, respectively; Anna and Nancy, Megan and Amy, Laura and Janet, Holly and Ellie, Avital and Yaffa and Caitlin and Ellen. Heidi paired up the teams and sent them on their way to sketch their ideas and to see Tim.

Tim explained that the mother and the daughters would both be their clients and you could see the horror on some of the designer’s faces when they knew that the mothers would be helping to influence their designs.

Kenley was paired with Anna and Nancy; Korto had Megan and Amy; Jerell had Caitlin and Ellen; Leanne was with Holly and Ellie; Suede was paired with Avital and Yaffa and Joe had Laura and Janet. After a confab with their clients, Tim sent the designers on their way to buy fabrics.


Back at Parsons the designers had until midnight and all day the next day to create the looks for the daughters. Leanne was doing a dress and Joe was designing for someone with out a job. Kenley had a vintage design in mind for her client and Suede was trying to do some pants but was not excited about it. Jerell was probably the most excited about the challenge with his client and Korto seemed not so excited.

Tim was in to tell the designers that the mothers and daughters were on their way in and Suede was seen struggling with the duo he was paired with. Joe was his usual methodical self as he described his design but his clients were not so fond with the pinstripes in his design. Leanne’s clients, what the other designers called “The Head of Lettuce,” was struggling with having to redesign her ideas. Suede was frantically trying to get out of doing pants and Joe was doing a business suit that looked like something from the 80′s.


Day 2 of the TRESemme Make-Over Challenge had Tim bounding in bright and early and telling the designers that the mothers and daughters were headed back in to see the status of the designs. After a bit of chit-chat, Tim called the designers to “Gather round,” which had some of the designers worried about additional projects, maybe for the moms.

Tim then introduced Jeanie Syfu, Lead Stylist for TRESemme, who would be consulting with the designers and their clients and then announced that the winning look will be going in Elle Magazine.

Tim was in to to check on the progress and was first to Suede, who immediately got a bit defensive about “Not being what he has typically done.” Tim wasn’t liking the pockets or sleeves and next went to chat with Joe. Tim was concerned with the fact that it didn’t scream “Graphic Designer” and Joe didn’t seemed concerned with Tim’s critique. Jerell was next on the hit parade and called the design “Stunning.” Finally, Tim thought Kenley’s design was a bit confusing and pointed out some areas of concern and Kenley thought Tim didn’t understand her. In the final scene before they wrapped for the night, all of the mother/daughter stuff got Joe a bit homesick as we saw him placing a call to his daughters for what was a sweet moment in the show.


After a night at the apartment where the girls thought Suede would probably be going home the next day, we quickly switched to the Runway Show Day as the designers frantically readied their designs before the clients came in. Tim was in and announced that they had an hour to get ready and each of the girls quickly modeled their designs.

At the show, Heidi reiterated the challenge, introduced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge, fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley, and then started the show. Joe’s girl, Laura, started the show with a business dress suit, followed by Leanne’s client, Holly, who wanted to look like a school teacher. Jerell’s girl, Caitlin, who was aiming to be an artist’s assistant was next followed by Korto’s girl Megan, the Biologist, Suede’s girl, Avital, the photographer, and finally, Kenley’s girl, Anna, the fashion buyer.


Heidi announced the scoring and excused the moms for the carnage that would be taking place. Heidi brought out the girls and picked on Kenley first. Nina said it was charming and Kors liked it as well. Joe was next and defended his creation but the judges savaged his idea of a suit. Nina thought it a clichà and Korto was next on the firing line. Kors said it was current looking and Rowley said the jacket was really cool. Leanne said her client was interviewing and the judges loved the outfit without the jacket. Jerell was next to be analyzed and the judges, overall, loved the outfit. Suede was savaged for overdoing his outfit and the judges didn’t really get his design.


After the judges confab, we saw that they were hot on Jerell, Kenley and Korto’s designs and they were not-so-hot on Suede, Leanne and Joe, who they called “Out-of-touch.”

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