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Wife Swap: A Perfectionist Wife Swaps With A Wife Who Has Gone Wild

September 17, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on Wife Swap, a perfectionist wife who won’t tolerate a thing out of place swaps lives with a bounty hunter’s wife who doesn’t mind the kids running wild.

Terri Tassie and her husband Tom are accustomed to running their home like clockwork. Their children, Collin, 11, Trent 14, and daughter Shanie 17, are up every morning at 7 AM doing their chores before school. After everyone makes their bed, mom checks it and brings out the steamer if their are any creases in the sheets. The children are also expected to work at their dad’s car dealership on top of that.

Tom and Terri do not have time for silliness and do not see anything wrong with being controlling, overprotective parents, and are determined to raise perfect, high performing children, just like themselves.

Terri swaps lives with Michelle Tyson and her husband Todd. Todd is a Bounty hunter and is on call 24/7. He often leaves the family at a moments notice and Michelle is left to look after their four out of control children, Trevor 18, Mia 15, Michael 11 and Autumn 10.

The family does what ever they want and their family mealtime often ends up with a food fight. Michelle does all of the cleaning and spends most of her time waiting on her husband and children. Her children are not very motivated academically, except Michael and her and Todd seem happy with the kids C’s and D’s as long as they have tried hard in school.

In the first week of the swap, Michelle has a tough time keeping up with the Tassie family’s schedule and chores, while Terri has difficulty adjusting to the lack of discipline and the amount of cursing at the Tysons.

In the second week, when the women turn the tables on the families, Michelle tries to bring a sense of fun and adventure to the family, but when the family will not change, she leaves. Meanwhile, Terri forces the Tyson’s to clean up after themselves and clear out the clutter. She also accuses Todd of failing to provide a postive role model for his children.

At the end of the swap, when the families are reunited, will Terri relax and loosen up on being so perfect? Will Michelle clean up her family’s act and ask everyone to pick up after themselves?

Watch the show tonight at 8 PMET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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